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fitkicks shoes for women FitKicks logo

Women do a lot of things in a day. Why not be comfortable in versatile Fitkicks shoes that let you do it all? Live in style. Express through movement. Not just participate – perform!

blue fitkicks, maritime, white sole, blue and white fit kicks

Maritme Blue
red fitkicks, maritime, white sole, red and white fit kicks

Maritime Red

coco palm special edition fitkicks color, green and pink

Coco Palm

deep rhythm special edition fitkicks color, black and white

Deep Rhythm

fit kicks cloud burst special edition, blue and purple

Cloud Burst

Fitkicks Special Edition, Primal


special edition graphite fitkicks shoes for yoga, pilates, lifestyle


black fitkicks shoes for yoga, pilates, lifestyle


FitKicks turquoise teal for women, fitkicks


gray fitkicks shoes for yoga, pilates, lifestyle, grey, purple



fitkicks shoes for men FitKicks Men's Edition logo

Men love comfort. Relaxed Fitkicks shoes for fun games, playful sports or just lounging. Superior slip-on comfort with total breathability – in muted fashion!

Fitkicks Mens, Navy

Battle Royal

 High Frequency

Less is more.


The authentic barefoot feel of FITKICKS ensures extreme comfort to complement a healthy lifestyle and the pursuit of passion. FITKICKS shoes are ultra light, flexible and form fitting with minimalist design; perfect for low-impact workouts, relief from clunky sneakers or high heels, and all around kickback companion. Easy transport makes them ideal for any active lifestyle.


fitkicks travel shoes for women fitkicks yoga shoes for women fitkicks bike  shoes for women fitkicks exercise shoes for women fitkicks walking shoes for women fitkicks beach shoes for women fitkicks dancing  shoes for women fitkicks fltas for high heel relief fitkicks everyday shoes for women fitkicks water sports shoes for women fitkicks casual  shoes for women fitkicks commute shoes for women

FITKICKS active lifestyle footwear is available in US standard sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large for women, men, and children. While designed to flex and fit a range of shoe sizes, the following size chart for FITKICKS shoes clearly spells out the manufacturer’s intended fit:

All Sizes in US Standard

Small 5.5–6.5 7–8 10–11.5 5–6.5
Medium 7–8 8.5–9.5 12–13.5 7–8
Large 8.5–9.5 10–11 1–2.5 8.5–9.5
XL 10–11 11.5–12.5 3–4.5 10–11
Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • scarlettelily
    Hi! Thanks for organising the hunt. I was just wondering if it was possible to also order other shoes in the lineup like the sidekicks or kruzers?
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    Hey Scarlette! So sorry for the late reply! Yes, we will definitely be looking to include other Fitkicks products as soon as our partner is ready to work with us on that :)
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  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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