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World Class Fishing in the Heartlands

Located within the heart of ORTO park, Fishing Paradise is a local freshwater pond experience that has been considered the 'gold standard' for pond fishing and a paradise for Singaporean fishing enthusiasts since its establishment back in Dec 2009. With over 17-18 tonnes of hard fighting species in the pond, from the likes of the famed Amazon Redtail to the Thai Chao Phraya, Siamese Carps to Alligator Gars - Fishing Paradise offers anglers world class fishing right in Sunny Singapore with a great, family oriented environment - kid friendly activities, friendly staff, fresh toilets and even great food to curb your hunger pangs in the vicinity. Whatever your poison from baiting to luring, a trip to ORTO is certainly a fantastic day out for any angler at heart!

Grouphunt Deal:

We're excited to partner up with Fishing Paradise to offer an exclusive 10 hour fishing package that can be spilt into multiple sessions! Save 33% on their hourly rate of S$12 when you purchase this 10 hour fishing package for S$80 for adults (S$8 per hour) and S$68 for Students/NSF/Retirees ($6.8 per hour) that allows you to check in at the best timings at a regular basis - great way to cure that itch that we all know so well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be required to produce your identification to the Fishing Paradise staff when redeeming the package at the pond, so only purchase the Student/NSF/Retirees package if you are able to produce a legit Student ID or NS11B, or prove that you are above 55 years of age.

How does the Fishing Package work?

Each package purchase entitles you to a Fishing Package card as shown below. After the hunt ends we will send all buyers a private registration form to fill up with your identification details, and then work with Fishing Paradise to get the cards setup. Once setup, we will inform you again to proceed to Fishing Paradise for the card redemption.

Rules & Regulations for the 10 Hour Fishing Package:

  • Min. 1hr usage per visit and only 1 rod allowed per card. Hours will be deducted in 30mins block after the 1st hour.
  • Valid for 3 months, starting date on 1st visit.
  • You can buy more than 1 card.
  • Opening hours are from Weekday - 7am to 6pm and Weekend - 6am to 6pm.
  • Luring and bait - up to 3 single de-barbed hooks.
  • No heavy weights allowed.
  • Student/NSF/Retirees packages are strictly for Students, NSFs and Retirees only. Relevant IDs (Student pass/11B) will be required for redemption. Retirees need to prove that they are above 55 years of age.

Catch Reports at Fishing Paradise:

For more catch reports, you should check out the official Fishing Paradise Facebook Page!

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • johnboscong
    Excited to see this going again! Get all your friends to vote! Some feedback I'd like to share from the previous round was that many of us didn't like to wait for all the hunt to end (2 weeks), then get to fish. Can't believe I didn't see this earlier! I
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • johnboscong
    @jadlim - you are a genius! Pretty excited to launch this together with Fishing Paradise! The 10 hours package is great value for money as it can be spilt into multiple sessions, and a good entry point to get started on regular fishing sessions :) Do n
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • yanhan
    That is a great idea! Thanks for suggesting. Edmund at FP is a great gentleman who is very passionate about education and keeping the fishing community going. Let's get this going :)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • jadlim
    Can we get a grouphunt going for Fishing Paradise at ORTO? They have a membership package at $288 for 40 hours if I'm not wrong...
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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