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The Fantom Wallet is a minimalist standout that does it all

  • Instant access to cards via an innovative 'trigger' mechanism
  • Sturdy and durable design with both the clean aluminium finish or the rugged carbon fiber
  • Highly customisable to include coin storage (yes!) or money clip or both, depending on your needs
  • Availbable in various sizes (7, 10 and 13 card capacity variations)
Each hunt order is for 1 Fantom Wallet (in any variation) + 1 Money Clip (in either Titanium or Anodized Titanium). That's a $105 to $135 value for just $79.9 because we buy it together!

Don't just take our word for it!  Lewis from UnboxTherapy thinks its the ULTIMATE wallet too!

With the Fantom Wallet, you can carry cards, cash, and coins. When you have the right things on hand, it becomes easier to adapt between work and life's adventures. Fan out the cards with a flick of a finger, all your cards are instantly available. Everything you need is always ready at your disposal. With three different sizes, we have the perfect Fantom Wallet for you.  



Instant Access. The ergonomic thumb lever is designed for one-handed operation. One flick of your thumb and your cards are fanned, ready for you to select the card of your choice. The quick draw slot allows for instant access to the top card.

RFID/NFC Blocking. With the cards retracted, the Fantom Wallet will dampen the signals, reducing the risk of being activated, selected and copied. Once the lever is pulled, the card will be exposed and ready to use at the transit turnstile or making a tap payment all without removing the card from the wallet. Not applicable to the carbon fiber version.

One-handed Operation. With the Fantom Wallet's integrated quick card slot, you can easily withdraw your top card with one swift motion.

Razor Thin. The Fantom 7 Wallet is only 0.3” (8mm), just 0.08” (2mm) thicker than the cards it’s holding. Simply put, this is the thinnest wallet ever made.


Featherweight. The Carbon Fiber Fantom 7 Wallet weighs exactly 1 ounce. Using the same materials as aircrafts and race cars, we managed to make the Fantom Wallet the same weight as a single slice of bread.

Coin Holder. The Fantom Wallet with the coin compartment holds coins up to 0.12" (3mm) in thickness. The coins are secured in using the thumb lever as a door. In addition to coins, the holder can be used to store spare keys, SD cards, and USB drives. 

Leave Nothing Behind. Find the right configuration that suits your needs. Hold cards, cash, coins and more.

Customize Your Fantom. The Fantom Wallet is available in four different anodized aluminum colors and carbon fiber. Three sizes are available to suit your needs. The Fantom Wallet can be optioned with a coin compartment to store coins, SD cards, SIM cards and Keys.  Add a titanium money clip to hold your cash.

Secure. Easy access doesn't mean unsecured. The Fantom Wallet is carefully engineered so that the cards will not fall out even when the cards are fanned out or if the wallet isn't full. The cards come out only when you need them.




*Card capacity is listed as a range due to the variance in thickness from cards with raised lettering. A Fantom 7 will hold 7 flat cards or 4 embossed cards.

*Please note, the coin version is 4mm thicker than the normal Fantom. They can not be converted back and forth to be with and without the coin holder.

The Fantom Wallet is designed and engineered in Canada. The aircraft aluminum plates are CNC machined with immense precision then brushed and anodized for a durable finish. The carbon fiber wallets are made with the same high grade carbon fiber used in aircraft and race car construction to create a wallet lighter than any other. The money clip is stamped out of grade 5 titanium to ensure repeated cycles of clipping while maintaining our lighter is better philosophy. By combining these distinctly manufactured materials together, we are able to create a wallet that is both strong and light while being easy to use and ergonomic.



The strong and light Grade 5 Titanium money clip allows you to store your bills securely. The money clip will include a pair of screws and a hex key to install onto your Fantom Wallet. It can be installed on either front or the back side of the wallet. The clip comes sandblasted in its natural color or it can have an anodized finish in Purple, Blue or Gold. 













Our troopers are awaiting news of a successful campaign and are eagerly waiting to start production. All the tooling is finished and the suppliers lined up with finalized drawings. 



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  • Caleb

    Thanks for starting this hunt @hedblast. I believe while the functions like 'quick access', 'fanning out of cards', 'coin compartments' and 'money clips' are not new in this huge market of slim and minimalist wallets, I feel the good people at Fantom have done a great job at incorporating all of those functions into one sleek, clean and simple package. And for under 100 bucks its really quite a steal! Especially since this grouphunt deal opens all the colour variations to us, even the more expensive Carbon Fiber! Was sold when we managed to get a bundle with the money clip too :)

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  • Dino Teo

    definitely a sleek looking minimalist wallet there! Question: Under the order options, there is this anodized money clip which i read comes in Purple, Blue or Gold. How do we determine the color to the wallet?

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    Hey Dino! Thanks for pointing that out! Not to worry. We'll drop you an email after the hunt ends to enquire which colour you'd prefer so feel free to jump on this hunt and get your anodized money clip :)

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