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Say hello to Fairystring! Beautiful string lights perfect for transforming anything you do into an enchantingly lit event. Think about using them to illuminate dorm rooms, living rooms, porches, raves, hallways, tinder dates, boats, adventure vans, tents, coffee shops, store fronts, work desks, birthday parties, showers, caves, tree houses and any other place you feel could use a little more magic and light.

Our lights are globally compatible with any USB port, making them easy to use with wall plugs, portable battery packs or even the USB ports on a laptop. All without wasting disposable batteries or being stuck indoors. 

Also they are waterproof and can even twinkle if you want them to. Very lovely!


 Fairystring comes in four different lengths:

  • S = Short - 6ft (2M)
  • M = Medium - 12ft (4M)
  • L = Long - 24ft (8M)
  • XL = Extra Long - 48ft (16M)

Why all these different lengths? Well we played around a lot and realized that in some situations the SHORT ones are great. For example if you are lighting up a small mason jar. But if you want to decorate your headboard or a larger surface a LONG string is best. And if you are camping and want to turn your van or whole campsite into a magical outdoor event, then the EXTRA LONG one is really awesome. We spent a ton of time playing with the different lengths and determining which best fit our active and decorative needs.


Reusable USB power vs. disposable AA batteries

We tried out all the disposable AA battery powered string lights and realized they suck, and leak all over expensive furniture! They're always out of power when you want to use them. Also disposable batteries are bad for the environment and bad for your wallet, they are expensive! It's like Netflix or Youtube vs. DVDs, simply outdated. 

Its no surprise that USB is the future, it's globally compatible and works without fail. The moment we plugged our first handmade prototype into a iPhone charger it was spontaneous and brilliant. It was lit!


In order to get the LED string lights working via USB we had to change the layout so that the total current would add up to 5 volt. Took a bit of time to figure out how much power each individual LED draws. But once we had it, we made a diagram and boom the lights came on. We made several samples with white USB cables from our iPhone chargers and some with black micro USB cables from Android chargers. 

Once we had it working we got some CLEAR cables that were actually made for printers. But since it's USB they all have the same four wires on the inside. Two are for power and two are for data. But we only need the two power ones!


Premium LEDs with IC - Extra strong triple wire

There are many types of micro LED bulbs. We are using the best quality ones available. The premium bulbs we use have a mini IC (integrated circuit) chip attached to each bulb. While the price is a bit higher, the benefits are great:

  • each LED can light up individually, allowing for a more natural glimmer function
  • there is a lot less power usage over time
  • even after letting them run for many days, the bulbs won't get hot
  • the light output is very warm it feels more natural then cheap white LEDs

We spaced the LEDs evenly, there are 3 bulbs per foot (one every 10cm) so you can do the math. The longer the string, the more bulbs there are. If you bunch them all together it makes for a really nice glow!

No matter if you are decorating a table setting, creating wall art or simply want to add a little bit of light to a hallway or your bedroom ceiling, Fairystring is the easiest and coolest way to make it happen.

If it is permanent, simply plug it into a USB wall outlet and you are good to go. If it's for mobile use, hook it up to a rechargeable USB battery and voila! Oh and you can also use the battery to charge your phone if needed!


Let it rain...

Another great feature of Fairystring is the fact that they are waterproof. You can leave the lights outdoors or even take them for a dip in the pool. Makes for a beautiful light setup in the bathroom or even by the shower. It's like a whole bunch of mini candles. Romantic!

Wall Plugs - Internationally welcome!

Fairystring comes with a male USB port that works with any of your existing wall plugs for example your iPhone or Android charger. If you need an extra USB wall plug, we have 3 to choose from depending on what part of the world you live in. They have two ports, so you can plug in two strings. Or your can charge your phone or battery while lighting things up! Each dual USB plug is $10 extra.  

Wall plugs are great if you are planning to use the longer version of Fairystring to create a permanent setup like bedroom lights or outdoor lighting.

Mobile USB battery - take'm with you!

If you are planning to take your Fairystring on the road, make sure to add a USB battery. It has 3000mAh of power. Thats's enough for 24 hours of continuous magic fairy light action. Or even several days of it if you only use it for a few hours at night. Or about 1-2 full phone charges for your iPhone or Android phone.

To add a battery, make sure to add $15 to your pledge. You will love having this little companion. You can even leave it plugged in to your lights and charge it at the same time. And if you need a emergency phone charge, it's there to help you out. Awesome yea?




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