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If your smartphone and battery pack is only "almost always safe", it is not good enough!

What do we do?

EXPLOSHIELD makes phone case and battery case using the US$27,811bomb suit and US$12 million space suit material so that you are always protected. 



EXPLOSHIELD ABS is a phone case, a battery case made with real-life space suit and bomb suit bullet proof material. In case of phone or battery explosion, the strong material - Kevlar® and Nomex® (5 times stronger than steel) will protect you from explosion and fire. We do not wear a bomb suit so put it on something that would explode. EXPLOSHIELD ABS comes with a life-time explosion warranty.

Three Layers of space suit fiber (All SGS Fireproof Certified)

1. Outer Layer – Water repellent, cut and scratch resistant

2. Middle Layer – Fireproof shock absorption material

3. Inner Layer – Soft touch for your delicate device and 2 card pockets for you everyday convenience. 

Why we have this idea?

We charge our phone and other electrical devices on the go especially when we are travelling and the phone and battery heats up quickly and we feel like the battery is going to explode soon and it is worrying...

We put the power bank and the phone inside a designer handbag or a designer duffle bag and it could cost us thousands of dollars.

EXPLOSHIELD ABS is our insurance when our smartphone and lithium power bank fails us. You might not understand the risk now but when tragedy happens, EXPLOSHIELD ABS is surely the one thing you wish you have had.


Better Be Safe Than Sorry!

Who manufactured your portable battery and power bank??

Let's face it, no manufacturer, not Apple, not Samsung, no one can guarantee their smartphones or lithium batteries would not explode, so there is always a risk of explosion.

How old is your battery pack or power bank?

Battery pack and power bank deteriorate at an increasing rate after one year, in other words, if you had battery pack for over a year, the risk of it exploding is increasing everyday.

WHAT IS THE LIFETIME OF A POWER BANK? About 200 charge cycles

Lithium-ion, including lithium-polymer batteries used in Power Banks and smartphones eventually lose their capacity over time (typically between 200 up to 1000 cycles depending on the battery cell quality and chemical composition).

Putting a case on the battery pack will cause explosion? NO!!

Power banks should have heat-sensitive and temperature control mechanism to ensure Li-ion batteries operate within a safe range. Therefore if it is hot, it should shut down. If the Li-ion battery pack is overheated and the heat-sensitive and temperature control mechanism fails, battery explodes and this is exactly when you need our protection.

Battery and phone explosion is not history, it is happening everyday!


See what we offer in 20 seconds.



Simplistic, minimal design, always in style, always fashionable.

Kickstarter special!  All Backers on Kickstarter will receive a free multifunctional carabiner with your EXPLOSHIELD ABS case!









 Keep your phone always in sight in the gym, don't leave it on the sweaty dirty floor.

SGS Certified Fire Proof with Bullet Proof material

We have done many scientific tests and we are also SGS Certified Fire Proof - 16 CFR Part 1610 Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles. 



Experience our crazy bulletproof material in 15 seconds.


We specially designed two credit card pockets for your everyday convenience, they are perfect for keeping your credit cards and small gadgets like SD cards, SIM cards, usb drives or even coins and notes. (check out the prototypes in the gallery)


See how phones and batteries explode




See how we can help you in 40 seconds




This could happen to anyone, press PLAY





We need your help to start manufacturing

Please help us to bring this project to life



See the difference! 










The smartphone and battery problem


How can we MAKE SURE we are SAFE?



We make bomb suit for your smartphone!
We make bomb suit for your smartphone!






Step 1 Learn the wheel before trying to reinvent one. 

Our Mentors
Our Mentors


Step 2 Re-design and re-engineer

Re-designing and re-engineering until we complete the EXPLOSHIELD Formula. EXPLOSHIELD Lab Team re-design and re-engineer the best weight to strength ratio.

See our prototypes and Test in the Gallery. 


Step 3 Testing and more testing until it is perfect


More information available from:


Step 4 Get Certified by SGS

Our Design 

1) 3 Layers of Kevlar® and Nomex® fiber ( All SGS Certified Fire Proof )

    a. Outer Layer – Tough! Water Repellent and Cut and Scratch Resistant!

    b. Middle Layer – Don’t get surprised! Shock absorption 

    c. Inner Layer – Soft touch for your delicate device 

2) The Air Shield Zipper 

    a. This is a Special Design Zipper to reduce air flowing into the EXPLOSHIELD ABS in case of an explosion. No Oxygen, No Fire!

EXPLOSHIELD obtained the SGS Certification for Flammability test of clothing textile16 CFR 1610 on 31st May, 2017 for ALL Three Layers.

One of Many Test Sequences for 16 CFR 1610 Certification
One of Many Test Sequences for 16 CFR 1610 Certification


For more information on


Step 5 Kickstarter => Begin Manufacturing => Delivery 

The production prototype is for iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8+ (because a bigger case can fit a smaller phone but a smaller case just cannot fit a bigger phone)

Size and Weight
Size and Weight
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