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Painting Zombies, orks, robots and all kind of monsters from a nightmare can be a lot of fun ! To paint miniatures, you need a Wet Palette to keep your paint moisturised. Today there is no straight forward solution on the market. That's why we created Everlasting Wet Palette, with best in class hydration system and easy to use and to carry airtight case

It's actually so good that it is approved by Pro Painters all around the world

With Everlasting Wet Palette, you will save your acrylic paintsave your time and be able to master painting techniques like a pro. Stand back, relax and focus on what's important: enjoying your painting sessions.




Because acrylic paint dry really really fast! So fast, you can't even take a short break or perform advanced techniques !  Everlasting wet palette is a must-have to enjoy your painting session :

  • Save paint: the paint won't dry out during your painting session
  • Start and stop at will: you can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days, and find again workable paints when you come back
  • Achieve advanced technics: thanks to Everlasting stable hydration system, and our smooth surface, you will be able to perform advanced technics like Glaze, Gradients, Blending, 2 Brush Blending
  • And it's easy to use: it works straight out of the box, and the case, wells and brush holders were designed for your to enjoy your miniature painting!


Painter (5,9" x 7,9"): easy to store and carry, small to medium working space

Studio (7,9" x 11,8"): extra large for Pros and Enthusiasts, medium to large working space



  • No bleeding
  • No drying
  • No overflowing
  • Perfect to master advanced painting techniques


 Your paint stays wet for hours when working, for days if you close the lid! You can stop and start your painting session at will.

  • Mold resistant foam
  • Hydration paper sheets cut to dimensions 
  • Resistant hydration paper














 For your inks, ultra high dilutions and other nasty stuffs. Wavy was designed to have a small foot print  





At the last stage of the Everlasting Wet Palette development, we sent prototypes to dozens of independent reviewers. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have also been able to incorporate a lot of suggestions from them into our design! But don't just take our word for it:

See reviews on our website !

SHOSHIES MINIS : " I will definitely buy one of those"  

SPIKEYBITS : " I will keep it on my desk"   

GEEKDAD : "you'll love the thought that has gone into the product and find it improves your painting experience too"  

NEXT LEVEL PAINTING : "I am not a wet palette guy, but I was pretty impressed!"  

MAGABOTATO : " Foam and paper works perfectly for me"

FIGUREMENTORS : "I have been very impressed with the prototype and these could be the next BIG thing"

(Please note that we did not and will never pay for reviews.)

  • Paint stays moist and stable for hours and days
  • Hydration system is easy to setup and prevents bad smells
  • The unique case is easy to use with perfect dimensions
  • Everlasting Wet Palette is leak resistant, easily portable and made of solid materials
  • Wavy design brush holder and well palette magnet accessory
  • Engineered to the last details
  • Your paint dilution will stay stable during your painting session for hours. The paint will not bleed and will not dry. The perfect hydration will help you master the painting techniques like a pro. This cannot be reproduced without our paper and foam.
  • If you close the lid the paint will stay fresh for days.
  • All this right out of the box
  • Our foam holds a lot of water compared to its size ! The final foam will be thicker than the one used during reviews and reaches 3.5mm for improved hydration while retaining the same quality.
  • Our special foam is naturally mold resistant. No anti-mold chemicals are added to the foam, and the effect will not wear out over time. So no bad smell after a few days, even when not stored in a fridge. Long lasting, you just need to rinse it from time to time with fresh water.
  • Our paper is the perfect match for our foam. It sticks on it, and does not create bubbles. 100% of the paper is in contact with the foam, for perfect hydration. It will not curl after the easy setup. It was particularly selected to offer the best performance with hobby paints and level of dilution used in hobby painting.
  • Machine cut to exact dimensions, taking into account the swell effect due to the water contact
  • The overall color is neutral, light gray, so that you can paint with "true colours"

We designed Everlasting Wet Palette with perfect dimensions :

  • For easy access. 
  • Low raise
  • Compact foot print.

2 sizes are available to cater to different needs : 

  • Painter size, 15 by 20 cm (5,9" x 7,9"), made for miniature painters looking for a good sized palette, that is compact and easy to carry. It's perfect for small to medium sized paint stations. Painter Everlasting Wet Palette can be extended using the top lid as a side Palette.
  • Studio size, 20 by 30 cm (7,9" x 11,8"), made for Pros and Enthusiasts looking for a huge painting area. It's perfect for medium to large sized paint stations. Studio Everlasting Wet Palette can also be extended using the top lid as a side Palette.


When we built Everlasting Wet Palette we decided to make it :

  • Airtight, and leak resistant. We selected a TPE seal for its durability and so that it is easily operable.
  • Also, the hydration system is really stable and does not move during transport, as the foam sticks to the case naturally. 
  • The provided strap also contributes to making Everlasting Wet Palette a great palette to move around. The strap selected will be durable, made of Polyamide.
  • Finally, we selected strong, high quality ABS plastics for its durability and stability.

Wavy is the first magnet accessory available for Everlasting Wet Palette. We wanted to reinvent the way people use wells in miniature painting, by deciding on a compact size, but yet stable system thanks to the magnet. That way you can paint without fearing of hitting your wells and without consuming too much space for them. We then associated it with a brush holder. 

Wavy can be attached to your case in no time to the front, back, left or right side of the palette.

At RedgrassGames we pay a lot of importance to details, so that we obtain a perfect product at the end. For instance : 

  • The top lid can be stored under the bottom case
  • Draft angles of case and Wavy are adjusted for perfect match 
  • Feet are optimised for easy elastic setup... 
Bottom Case and Wavy fit perfectly
Bottom Case and Wavy fit perfectly


Easy elastic strap operation
Easy elastic strap operation


The top lid can be stored under the bottom case
The top lid can be stored under the bottom case
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