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Most efficient evaporative cooler

Based on the principle of water evaporation, Evapolar takes in hot and dry air and makes it cool, moist and fresh

Outcoming temperature table

Evapolar’s efficiency depends on air humidity and temperature. The table below shows initial expected outgoing temperature values calculated for different air conditions

  Temperature →
    68 °F 75 °F 85 °F 95 °F 105 °F
← Humidity 30% 53,6 °F 59,7 °F 66,2 °F 72,6 °F 79,3 °F
40% 56,5 °F 62,4 °F 69,6 °F 76,6 °F 83,8 °F
50% 59,2 °F 65,1 °F 72,5 °F 80,1 °F 87,6 °F
60% 61,9 °F 67,5 °F 75,4 °F 83,3 °F 91,2 °F
70% 64,4 °F 69,6 °F 77,9 °F 85,9 °F 94,2 °F

Innovative Evabreeze material inside

Bio-resistant stable compound

Made from natural basalt fibers. Doesn't contain any nutritious elements to grow bacteria and mold comparing to cellulose materials

Intense evaporation effect

Provides a highly intense evaporation from even a small surface. That allows to make Evapolar compact and yet powerful

Advanced capillary effect

Capillary effect raises the water up to a height of 30cm which allows to remove pump from the device. That makes Evapolar energy efficient, compact and silent

Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable

Mineral compound that makes no harm to the state of the environmentTechnical specifications


Cooling power: up to 1200 BTU/hr
Cooling square: 45 ft2 (4m2)
Noise level: 28–40 dB


Power consumption: 10 W
Micro-USB plug 5V 2A
Works with USB powerbank


Size: 174 × 170 × 170 mm
Weight (without water): 1,3 kg
Water tank capacity: 750 ml


Water Tank refill cycle: 4–6 hours
Cartridge Replacement period:
6–8 months

Setting up Air Cooler

Add Water

Fill up the watertank with water

Add Power

Connect USB cable to the powergrid or powerbank


Get the full cooling effect after cartridge will absorb the water (10 min wait)

Usage tips & recommendations

  • Evapolar Air Cooler is designed for personal use only and doesn't cool rooms
  • Use it only on horizontal surfaces, do not tilt
  • Temperature drop depends on your temperature/humidity conditions, see the outcoming temperature table
  • Evapolar Air Cooler doesn't cool not give desired results in climates with humidity higher than 70%
  • Evapolar Air Cooler doesn't cool if the temperature is lower than 17 °C/63 °F.
    Air ventilation is highly recommended
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