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Attention wine lovers: Never waste a drop of good wine again!

  • Innovative, beautiful and functional
  • Eto both looks good on the table and works great to keep your wine fresh
  • Sharp lip ensures drip-free pouring unlike conventional wine bottles.
  • Simple and fuss-free operation ensures that anyone can pick it up in seconds!

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE Eto Wine Decanter in your choice of Stainless or Copper (+$16). Get yours now!



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eto is a beautifully designed wine decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace, and never waste a drop again. Its innovative, patented preservation system uses an airtight seal to keep wine perfectly fresh for at least 12 days, as proven by independent laboratory tests and a host of expert blind taste tests.


eto is exceptionally easy to use. Its unique design ensures every step is quick, clean and complements the traditional ritual of enjoying wine.


Due to its patented preservation system that creates an airtight seal over the wine, eto halts the oxidation process, which in turn preserves the wine’s freshness and taste. 

As we become more health-consciousness, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy just a glass or two rather than several – or even save our wine drinking for the weekend. eto gives us this freedom. 

With eto you can open and savour that treasured bottle over several days or even weeks. 

The long funnel gently oxygenates the wine to release its flavours and the sharp lip ensures drip-free pouring. 


No waste, and no need to rush to finish the bottle (or the next one...)
No waste, and no need to rush to finish the bottle (or the next one...)


eto’s ability to prevent wine oxidation has been proven by independent tests carried out at Bangor University. The graph shows just how effective eto is compared to other wine preservation products. 

Beacon Laboratories. © Bangor University 2016
Beacon Laboratories. © Bangor University 2016

eto underwent rigorous testing and re-testing over a 12 month period with a variety of red and white wines. The results were indisputable - eto far out-performed competitor products in every tightly-monitored test.  


While science proved eto prevented oxidation, blind taste tests with wine experts showed that eto protected the quality of the wine too.  

Master of Wine Richard Hemming – and writer at – took part in two separate blind taste tests, comparing freshly opened wine with its eto 7 day preserved equivalent. In both tests, he was unable to differentiate between the two wines. 

After taking part in a similar blind taste test, Wine Director at Honest Grapes, Tom Harrow, commented “A wine which had been decanted (into eto) seven days beforehand tasted every bit as fresh as a wine which had come from a recently opened bottle. But it also had the added benefits of decanting, in that the wine was breathing ... it was opening up ... it tasted absolutely delicious.” 

I am Tom Cotton, an award-winning industrial designer with nearly 20 years experience of bringing products from concept to market. I am passionate about protecting the environment, and in 2011 became interested in designing a product that helped to reduce wine wastage.

Wine wastage is a huge environmental problem across the world. In the UK alone, 50 million litres of wine are poured down the sink every year - see WRAP report EVA063. A recent study by Laithwaite’s Wine put the figure down as enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and also these disturbing statistics: 

Our inability to preserve wine once the cork has been popped is a major cause of this wine waste. And I quickly discovered that the wine preservation products on the market were either ineffective or hugely expensive. I am passionate about protecting the environment, and in 2011 became interested in designing a product that helped to reduce wine wastage. 

My inspiration for eto came after a friend highlighted the method - common amongst wine experts - of transferring leftover wine into a smaller container to minimise the air contact. After experimenting, I found the method of reducing air exposure very effective. I just needed to work on the container… 



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