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Park your butt somewhere comfy

You're probably sitting down right now. What do you think of your current chair? Does it support your back like it's supposed to? Does it stand up to (heh heh) the long hours of you sitting down? We spend a large portion of our day at our desks sitting down. While options like standing desks and sitting on yoga balls sound like great ideas, for the most part they're not practical for the everyday person. So you want a chair that can hold up to your needs and take care of you. Well, check this out.

Choose your type

For this hunt we're offering two types of chairs from Ergohuman.

The EHS-HAM Highback which retails for just shy of $700 and the iOO Highback Armchair which retails for around $535

Grouphunt Deal

Pretty cool, huh? Typically, this retails for just shy of $700 and $535 respectively. On top of that you'd have to pay ridiculous delivery charges (you can't just send a large chair like this through Singapore's post infrastructure and not expect to come out poorer on the other side. Well, thanks to our fantastic community, we're able to offer a pretty darn good deal.


The EHS-HAM Highback, retailing at $700? We're offering it for $649. The iOO Highback which retails for $535 is yours for $475. The kicker? We'll get it to you and your desk, free of charge. Mmhm, FREE SHIPPING, that's what you like to hear right? So if you've been feeling back pain or your current chair is wearing out and you need to get a new one, join the hunt now. Give your butt (and back) the support it deserves. Don't forget to share this with your friends who spend too long at their desk for their own good


So let's take a look at why these chairs are so darn good

EHS-HAM Highback

For this hunt, we're offering the EHS-HAM Highback with Headrest. It uses a black frame with a black heavy duty nylon mesh

We're offering the EHS-Ham in this colour scheme below

iOO Highback

For this hunt, we're offering the iOO Highback with Headrest. It uses a white frame with a black fabric mesh.

We're offering the iOO Highback in this colour scheme below

Join the Hunt

  1. Gives you the support and comfort you need to kick-ass at the desk everyday
  2. Up to 10 adjustable points on your future favourite chair
  3. Special Grouphunt prices and FREE DELIVERY
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