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EXCLUSIVE Grouphunt Deal! FREE D.I.Y Edition EGGY with any purchase of 3 EGGY! Limited to ONE per hunter only. 

Limited Edition Duck LIMITED to ONE per hunter only! 

Please email us at with your order number and choice of EGGY characters  after you have placed your order. Sorry ah, too many variations will kill our system hehe (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ





Inspired by the ancient Japanese philosophy of “Okiagari” which means to get up and arise. Eggy was designed with a minimalistic feel and an added dose of cuteness. The toy is a symbol of resilience. With this, we have found the perfect balance between art, toy, and engagement.



Eggy is designed with its’ own unique shape and signature features.


Test your creativity and design an Eggy that is uniquely yours with our D.I.Y Edition Eggy!


A designer toy made affordable and fun to play for all ages. Improved in every aspect in design, Eggy is created with the most optimal design without compromising the quality.

Our designers spent countless hours designing and creating each Eggy character. We incorporated a relatable approach towards designer toys by giving each Eggy their very own unique personality.


How does it work?

Eggy’s inbuilt weight acts as a center of gravity. When Eggy wobbles, the center of mass will always be on the other side of the pivot point, and the gravity will return it to upright position.




In a digital world, real interaction matters. Rekindle the emotions of your childhood toys with Eggy and share the memory with your loved ones.


Eggy is more than just a display piece, it’s self-righting feature allows collectors to not only admire but also engage with the toy, stimulating your creativity.





Experience the sensations of art and technology with our gravity-defying, magical levitating platform. 


With the inbuilt magnetic base in Eggy, it gives Eggy a seamless outlook and allows it to float on the customized levitation platform.


Combining nature and modern design, the interchangeable top lid is made from imitation oak and high gloss artificial white marble.


How to levitate your EGGY?

After inserting the magnetic weight in Eggy, gently hover Eggy over the center of the levitation platform. Using your fingers as support between Eggy and the platform, you will start to feel an upward resistance once it’s in the center. The 4 LEDs at the corners will light up when Eggy is positioned exactly at the center of the base. When you feel a gentle release, slowly let go of Eggy and it will start to levitate!




Eggy is the perfect gift for any occasion! You can hide secret notes/trinkets within Eggy as a, added surprise too



Minnimi is a product design company based in Singapore. Made up of a group of toy lovers, product designer, and mechanical engineers.

Who are we? 

We want to bring a level of engagement and satisfaction through the toys that we design. With toy collectors at the heart and mind of our creation process, we have created a toy with a distinct style that we are proud to call our own and we know collectors would love.  
After years of collecting figurines and designer toys, we realized that these toys lacked an element of interaction, and wanted something more than just a display. Hence, EGGY was born!
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DISCOVERED BY ... Jolyn Wong

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