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Our new construction of ultra-strong charging cables are available in colors that match your ECLIPSE - Taupe, Marine, and Zebra, with Micro-USB, USB-C to USB-C, and MFi Certified Lightning connectors.


We rely on our tech more and more every day, but all these devices need charging. This means more cables – cables that quickly get chaotic.

ECLIPSE is the only USB charging hub you won’t want to hide away. With its compact and round design, it can live on your nightstand, desk, and even your wall using the included wall mount.

Up to three of your USB cables are wound into their own precision-engineered channel, so you’ll never have to worry about them tangling or overlapping. 

We designed ECLIPSE to be as user-friendly as possible, so you can use the cables you already own (up to 8 feet).

Since your cables are safe and secure in ECLIPSE, they’ll be out of the way from everyday dangers like people tripping on them, rolling chairs, playful cats, and cable thieves (you know who you are).

Cable boxes and charging stations just hide your mess of cables and force you to untangle them before charging. With ECLIPSE, you can access your cables and unwind them to their maximum length easily and without frustration.

ECLIPSE comes with a braided power cable, essentially extending each of your charging cables by an extra 4 feet.

ECLIPSE exists to get rid of cable clutter, that's why the power cable comes with a genuine leather strap. If you don't need a full 4 feet for your power cable, just wrap it up and keep things neat.

Now you only need one power socket for your daily charging needs. 

Unlike a lot of underpowered USB hubs out there, ECLIPSE uses smart IC technology to ensure that your devices are always charging at their maximum speed (up to 2.4A, and 3A via USB-C).

Always ahead of the curve? We hear you. For the early adopters among you, one of ECLIPSE’s USB-A ports can be turned into a USB-C port.

Why would you trust a cheap power adaptor to charge your expensive tech? ECLIPSE uses an advanced transformer to guarantee safe currents that won’t damage your devices’ batteries in the long term.

With a single touch, ECLIPSE rises and emits a subtle halo, so you can forget about fumbling around for your cable in the dark. Tap it once more and its halo fades away - along with your cable frustration.


ECLIPSE is available with a Type A/B, Type C/E/F/J/L, Type G, or Type I electrical plug.

Not sure what electrical plug type you need? Check out the list of electrical plugs by country. If ECLIPSE isn't available with your country's plug type, don't worry! It's 110-240V, so you can always use an adapter.

We did our research. We asked thousands of people and discovered that the average person owns 6 devices, but only charges 2 or 3 devices on a daily basis. 

Armed with this information, we went against the status quo. Instead of tons of USB ports, which only adds to our cable frustrations, we stuck to the essentials.Think you need more? Think again. How often do you charge more than 3 devices at the same time?  

We have been waiting for wireless charging to become the norm for years now, but the reality is, we're still very much in the cable era. Current technologies require a charging mat or puck that still needs a USB cable to be plugged in to a power source. The charging speed is slower, and you can't comfortably use your mobile device while it charges because it needs direct contact with the mat.

Furthermore, there are different standards competing with each other (Qi, PMA, etc.) making this market still really niche. We decided that it was not worth increasing the total price and size of ECLIPSE by adding a wireless charging coil that would only benefit a limited number of users. However, ECLIPSE works with most wireless charging devices. Its flat wooden top will be the perfect support for any charging mat.

NATIVE UNION was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products. By combining the finest materials, functional design, and considered details, we create products with personality, that enhance the way you live with your tech. 

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • yanhan
    Hey everyone, Just a quick update; Native Union aren't working on a group discount for their campaign as you can see in their price tiers. Good news is we've worked with them before and will look to work something out after their KS campaign is done :)
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  • yanhan
    Hey Dionne :) A little tricky at the moment because of price (isn't it always about the mahneh?!?!); we're in need of some time for both sides to agree on something that works. We'll post updates when we get them :)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Hi, may I know the status of the negotiation? The kickstarter launch is soon so I am curious
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • How much is this after discount?
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  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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