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A layer of comfort

Let's be honest, earbuds are lacking in the comfort department. But here comes a unique earbud cover molded out of a thin layer of soft plastic, crafted to give your earbuds a more malleable shape that comfortably conforms to the unique ergonomics of your inner ear. It's like a tiny blanket for your earbud.

Shaped to fit your lifestyle

Chasing your earbuds shouldn't be a part of your workout routine. With EarSkinz, your earbuds stay securely in place through any activity. Our patented design stabilizes your earbuds, keeping them snug so they never fall out. Go ahead, apologize to your ears for the hard times and look forward to uninterrupted tunes as you run, jog, or walk.

A better shape means better sound

Tired of constantly adjusting your earbuds to try and get better sound out them? So are we. Thankfully EarSkinz help direct sound down your ear canal, enhancing the acoustic clarity and delivering massive bass. This means you can listen to your music at lower volumes without sacrificing quality. Your ears drums will dance like never before.

Available for Earbuds, Earpods & Airpods

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Fingers cross :) Great day ahead Cheersss
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  • Hi Team, I find this product useful for people who are holding on a iphone or AirPods. Different people have different shape of ear concha and Targus which would probably be hard for a EarPods or AirPods ( Apple head phones ) to sit in the ear most of the time it would fall off or feel like it's going to drop off. This product is amazing as it can fit to your ears and make it a better experience to hear music via the EarPods.
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    Hey there! Thanks for sharing this hunt with the community! :) Let's hope we can get 25 requests to get a hunt running!
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