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The Huffington Post - Duoket is the stylish bag that transforms itself into a jacket and is a necessary addition for anyone traveling from cold to hot or vice versa. The duoket is the innovation needed for any packable bag as it maximizes portability by providing two functions. The coolest part? The pockets remain the same between the jacket and bag meaning if you put an item in your bag pocket, it will end up in that same pocket for your jacket. This two in one package deal will for sure be a packable necessity for any travels.


If you have ever had to debate with yourself on whether to take a jacket out, because you didn't want to have to lug it around when the weather got too hot, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Duoket removes that problem by turning your bag into a jacket and your jacket into a bag.

Orders for this hunt will be placed in groups of 5, and there is an option to add-on a multipurpose canvas pouch. (Scroll down to learn more). Don't forget to share this with your friends and join the hunt!

Every time when we are going out, we would trouble what we need to wear, and how to carry all essentials (wallet, keys, mobile phone, iPad, pens, notebook, sunglasses, small electronics, cosmetics); we hurriedly grab a bag, move things from A to B to C. In addition, we may also consider taking a jacket or not, in case there's a sudden change in the weather or temperature drop. What a fuss!

Most people are in similar scenarios all the time. Every day we waste 5~10 minutes on such a maddening thing, then we’ll totally lose 2.5 days a year.

In order to have a spare jacket, you may carry another heavy-size backpack or duffel bag to stuff it, but in fact, you don't need to take many things with you most of the time. Why did we never see a utilitarian design that combines and offers the functions of both Jacket and Bag?

Now, we have made this dream come true! Let us introduce "Duoket" - a smart & versatile jacket and bag, poised to help you through your daily journey comfortably and fashionably.

Duoket is the world’s first “real” and the most innovative “Jacket + Bag” design. Why do we call it “real”? Because everything you pocket will stay in the same position, no matter which pocket you put it in, you don’t need to take out, move, or reorganize anything when making it transform. 


 Duoket is much more than a travel jacket or a carry-on bag. It comes stocked with plenty of pockets, and our patented structural design especially makes it one of a kind, you'll conveniently switch the functions whenever you need. While becoming a bag, it can be draped over the shoulder, carried as a briefcase to formal meetings, or transformed into a modern sling for zealous cyclists.

Again, the transformation only costs you a few seconds. A perfect Time Saver!

With a right apparel, anything becomes possible. Duoket will simplify the daily pack-and-prep for carrying your essentials in the event of commutes, street walk, outdoor adventures, sport & exercise, or all kinds of leisure outings. It's the right companion to help you navigate through any time and any occasions.

Duoket is made of the lightweight and durable materials (Shell: 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Nylon). There are 5 beautifully timeless colors for your selection initially – Black, Cardinal Red, Khaki Brown, Duck Green, Shady Blue. All these 5 colors are coolly understated yet stylish, perfect for either jacket or bag, and fit everyone’s personalities.


Add On - Multipurpose Canvas Pouch for S$22.50

In this project, we partner with a Taiwanese textile manufacturer who has its own production factory specialized in yarn spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Over more than 20 years, it had supplied OEM/ODM services for many global top brands of sportswear and outdoor apparels (Nike, Adidas, The North Face…). We’ll leverage its advanced technology and well-certified experiences, thus you’ll get a superb-quality Duoket with the same characteristics of luxury jackets.

We are team “mininch” (pronounced by “mini-inch”) that had created and well-fulfilled three Kickstarter projects - Tool Pen, Tool Pen mini, WRENCHit since July 2014. We love this great community and we always like to present our new ideas to Kickstarter first, thus we can collect and learn some comments or suggestions from all backers directly, which help us keep doing better and make more innovative designs thoughtfully & sophisticatedly.


Risks and challenges

The Duoket is mininch’s 4th Kickstarter project, and we have strongly-proven track records in project management & fulfillment. As demonstrated by prior campaigns, most bakers were highly delighted with our products and services that truly exceeded their expectations.

However, it’s our first time to create a jacket, we realize the production process and complexity are totally different from metal works. Fortunately, we have lined up a well-qualified textile manufacturer with 20+ years experiences of serving 1st-tier international brands. Behind the scenes, we also worked meticulously and had executed 4-runs prototypes to ensure every detail are rigorously verified and thoroughly accepted. The R&D time and investments of this project were spent much larger than original estimations. All we want to do is make sure everything will be delivered as what we promise.

We're ready to please you again. Thank you very much for your support!

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