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"Needs no introduction. When all else fails, this is the go to lure. Retrieve it steady slow and be prepared for fish on. Very effective at night as well." - Grouphunter Muhammad Nurdin

  • Retail Pricing: S$19.8
  • GROUPHUNT Pricing: S$12.8 (20 pcs or more)

If we hit 20 orders in total, everyone gets this silent killer at S$12.8 a piece! Great deal!

About the Duo Realis Spinbait 60:

This Spinbait 60 comes with a slim low impact body with high density, making it easy to produce complex lure actions. In tightly contested waters, a typical wobbling action in lures tend to attract fish - but harder to achieve rolling action is the one that trigger huge takes from shy and typically larger predators. The Spinbait makes it really easy for even a beginner to impart the rolling action, with its finely tuned angle and size of its front and back propellers creating an irresistible pulsating effect underwater. For this hunt we've chosen the 60mm size as its come highly requested by the Grouphunt community due to it being the perfect size for fish in our local waters.


One of the essentials of the Realis Spinbait is the Spybaiting "refined finesse, super slow retrieve" technique that has made waves in Japan. Here's some videos on how you too can achieve the similar style and effect. What's fishing without some new techniques to master?

Colors Available:

Catch Reports on the Duo Realis Spinbait

Image credits: Tackle Source & Duo Southeast Asia

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