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Grab this amazing deal for the Duo Realis Pencil, the user friendly plug that anglers can use with ease and precision to deliver amazing walk the dog action.

We tried to get a deal for the 110mm version, but it is perennially out of stock! The next alternative is the 85mm that works as well, retaining the same amazing "walk the dog" action of its big brother, the 110, in a shrunk-down version that fish won't pass up.

  • Retail Price: S$19.7
  • GROUPHUNT Price: S$12.8 (15 pieces and more)

This means if we get total of 15 pieces ordered in total, everyone gets their lures at S$12.8 each! Unheard of for a lure of this quality! Grab it now!

Proven and Deadly

The secret behind the Duo Realis Pencil 85's action is a small, spherical bump located immediately below the line tie. As you twitch the rod, this bump causes the Duo Realis Pencil 85 to pivot at the nose and forces the body to swish back-and-forth, creating an effortless, zig-zagging motion. When the lure reaches its highest point in the ?walk the dog? retrieve, you can give it a strong twitch to produce a sizeable splash and a pronounced lunging motion. The Duo Realis Pencil 85 comes equipped with a fixed rear-weighting system, as well as, a moving weight transfer system. These weighting systems work together to produce long-distance casts, and during the retrieve, they also combine to emit a distinct, high-pitch clicking sound. If you?re looking for a top-notch topwater lure, then look no further than the Duo Realis Pencil 85.

Colors Available:

Catch Reports:

Image Source: Duo Fishing SEA & Tackle Source

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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