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Our DryTech™ Waterproof Crew Socks are great for Sports Enthusiasts, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Daily wear, Cyclists, Mountaineers, Hikers, Skiers, and all kinds of outdoor activities such as wading in the river. Especially suitable for outdoor sports and activities in a variety of harsh environments.

Don't let cold wet feet ruin your outdoor fun! We developed DryTech™ Waterproof Crew Socks to solve the soggy toe problem and to keep your feet dry while cycling, running, mountaineering, hiking, or any outdoor activity in the rain.





  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Mid weight sock offering the perfect balance of warmth and breathability
  • Moisture control and comfort 
  • Additional ankle support – Elasticated ankle and instep
  • Secure comfortable fit - Reinforced heel construction for increased durability and comfortable extended wear
  • Guard against friction and reduce risk of blistering – wear resistant knit material for heel, toe and footbed
  • Prevent rubbing – Hand linked toe closure created flat seam


Our socks are fully waterproof thanks to 3-layers structure:

  • a wear resistant waterproof exterior 
  • a highly breathable and waterproof membrane
  • a moisture wicking anti-bacteria lining

The result is a sock that feels like a sock but protects like a rain bootie.  

Now you don't have to choose between keeping your feet dry and breathability (we don't like sweaty feet either).



Outer layer : 74% waterproof nylon, 23% Lycra rubber, 3% spandex. Tough wear-resistant, excellent elasticity.

Middle layer: High-performance thin waterproof waterproof breathable film.  100% waterproof, highly breathable, moisture-permeable.

Inner layer : 64% coolmax, 3% Lycra, 33% spandex. High performance, anti bacteria, warm and comfortable.



  • Hand washing is preferred, but machine wash is acceptable.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hang to dry in a ventilated place.
  • Warning: DO NOT tumble dry, iron, dry clean, or bleach these waterproof socks.
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