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 Introducing Drumi:
 Canadian National Winner of
James Dyson Award 2015

Discover a new way of doing laundry with Drumi! Fast, convenient and better for the environment, Drumi is the perfect sustainable solution to solve your everyday laundry trouble.  

Go Green

Drumi uses zero electricity and very little water. Substitute Drumi with your full size washing machine for smaller load can reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 10 pounds per week!

Save Time

Drumi can reduce the trips to the laundromat and time spent on hand washing. A full cycle of Drumi takes about 10 - 15 minutes, perfect for that special piece you need the next day.

Take care

No more damaged laundry. Drumi also saves you money by reducing the usage of public laundry facilities and /or water & electricity bills.



Drumi can be stored in both wet and dry areas. Portable and compact, it does not take up much of your precious living space. 

Let the adventure begin

Whether you are going camping, cottage getaway, extended road trip, sailing around the world or simply decide to live off grid, Drumi will be there to keep you and your laundry fresh & clean.


Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Hi, when will the hunt be?:)
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  • Jane
    Hi everyone! Here's an update: Yirego is currently working on their manufacturing and distribution capabilities. We're hoping to run this hunt in Q3-4 this year so stay tuned! (:
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  • joelleong
    Hey everyone! We got in touch with Yirego and while they're interested, they're not currently mass producing the Drumi and therefore can't start processing bulk orders until after they have finished shipping all of our pre-orders. This will likely not be
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • joelleong
    Hey Yunn Wenn! Will check as well! =)
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  • Yo! Thanks for organising the hunt, are you able to see if they have packages with the Soap Nuts? Cheers!
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