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Dripo is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker brings a fresh and easier way for you to make and enjoy your own ice drip coffee anywhere.

We love ice-drip coffee and cold-brew coffee as you do. "Dripo" took us almost an year to develop. "Dripo" is an 3-in-1 travel ice-drip coffee maker and tumbler, we hope you will love it. And you may not familiar to ice-drip coffee or even cold-brew coffee, we will show you their difference first. : )

Compare Iced Coffee with Cold-brew Coffee :

Chemistry explains why cold brew coffee tastes better than hot. - Business Insider.
Chemistry explains why cold brew coffee tastes better than hot. - Business Insider.

"Baristas generally make hot coffee quickly, on the order of minutes, and it has a strong aroma with a sour or acidic bite. Boiling water causes coffee’s chemical compounds to degrade and oxidise giving the coffee a sour and bitter taste. Cold brew is taking the world by storm because it often has a deeper, less acidic and more subtle taste, and is more concentrated than conventionally-brewed coffee." Says at a news on Business Insider.

Compare Ice-drip coffee and Cold-brew Coffee :

Brista : slow drip has more aromatic and have more delicate flavours.
Brista : slow drip has more aromatic and have more delicate flavours.

"The difference that I experience from Toddy, or other full immersion cold brew methods, versus the drip, is specifically in the flavour, aromatics, and the body, I tend to get these heavy chocolate-like qualities from full immersion cold brew methods. It seems regardless of the coffee it always tastes the same to me. In contrast, with the Japanese-style slow-drip, the coffee tends to be more aromatic and have more delicate or nuanced flavours and have a lighter body." - Says by Laila Ghambari, Northwest Regional Barista Champion, one of the few professionals that's owned one of these (ice-drip) models at home as well as tested it on the competition stage. Full article can be seen on Serious Eats.

Dripo - Iced-drip coffee maker.
Dripo - Iced-drip coffee maker.

When we were designing "Dripo", the first thing came to our mind is to make it personable by improving its mobility. "Dripo" is a 3-in-1 iced-drip coffee maker that can also used as a cold-brew coffee maker or tumbler. It has a compact size, 75% smaller compare to traditional dutch iced-drip coffee maker, simple design and is easy to use. 

Dripo - 3-in-1 Iced-drip coffee maker and tumbler.
Dripo - 3-in-1 Iced-drip coffee maker and tumbler.

is super easy to use, all you have to do is to insert 1.5 oz. ground coffee powder and add 12 oz. iced water into it and wait. "Dripo" brings a fresh and easier way for you to make your own cold-brew coffee anywhere.

All parts of Dripo.
All parts of Dripo.

The World's First Ice-drip Coffee that made in-flight. 

Dripo is a portable ice-drip coffee maker, while we were designed Dripo, mobility is our first priority. You can carry Dripo out for a camping, traveling or even fly around the world. On Nov. 21, 2015, we use Dripo to make ice-drip coffee in flight. 

World's first ice-drip coffee made in-flight.
World's first ice-drip coffee made in-flight.

All parts of "Dripo" are assembled together allowing you to move around or carry it out. More importantly, you can quickly convert "Dripo" into a coffee tumbler, so you can enjoy your coffee on the go. 

Assemble Dripo.
Assemble Dripo.
Convert Dripo into tumbler.
Convert Dripo into tumbler.

Iced-drip coffee is a healthy way to not only enjoy coffee, but also making coffee tastes better,"Dripo" extracts coffee with cold water dripping, at an average speed of 45 drops per minute. Comparing to brewing coffee with hot water, the coffee would taste sweeter due to its lower acidity, and less caffeine. As a result, iced-drip coffee is something healthier for your body, and tastes whole lot smoother and richer than hot brewed coffee. That's why the popularity of cold brew has climbed in insane speed during the past couple years.

Making iced-drip coffee with Dripo.
Making iced-drip coffee with Dripo.

"Dripo" carefully selected our partner manufacturer and material as well. Our manufacturer had experiences on making coffee tumbler for decades. And most importantly, all materials that going to use on "Dripo" are "BPA Free" and meet all "FDA Standards" as well. :)

Dripo are BPA Free and meet FDA standards.
Dripo are BPA Free and meet FDA standards.

Grouphunt Deal

On Kickstarter this would cost $49.90 for you to get it sent to your house because you're buying as an individual. You can get it $10 cheaper when you buy with Grouphunt. That's because of the power of Grouphunt. So get sharing and join the hunt! We will be placing the orders in groups of 12. 

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