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Fall Asleep Faster.  Sleep Through the Night.

Most sleep technology today is about measuring your sleep. We have something that actually helps you sleep. Everyone knows the difference a good sleep makes – thinking is sharper, attitude is more positive, you’re relaxed, anything is possible. In a nutshell, that’s the goal of the Dreampad: to go into the new day feeling the best we can.

So, how does it work? The Dreampad plays music through Intrasound Technology™, which converts sound into gentle vibrations that travel directly to your inner ear. This process signals the nervous system to relax, calming your body and mind. It’s safe, comfortable for all ages, supported by research, and it works.

The updated line of Dreampads is the culmination of years of re-design and testing. We are on Indiegogo to raise funds for ordering new inventory and building a team to take this unique product from its clinical origins to a pillow which is both effective and extremely comfortable.

We hope you’ll give it a try by supporting the campaign and joining our Dreampad community!


What people are saying

"I have always had problems sleeping. During the past couple years, I would normally sleep 4-6 hours of choppy sleep a night. I got a Dreampad, and I fell in love with it. Finally, I am able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. I went from getting 4-6 hours a night to getting a good 7-9 hours a night." -  Thomas G.

"The Dreampad has helped my son fall asleep faster, sleep more sound and wake up happier each morning." - Stephanie Blackwell

"I ordered the Dreampad as a Christmas present to myself, and after 2 nights noticed significant improvements in quality of sleep, relaxation, energy, and well-being." - P. Olivier

"I love, love, love the Dreampad. It is always my go to tool for my students. I can’t tell you how much my parents love it too once they try it. It is a game changer!" - Julia Reddout, School Therapist

Money Back Guarantee





How to use the Dreampad





Dreampad Technology

Dreampad technology is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. Every time we speak we hear ourselves in two ways: externally and internally. Our voice carries through the air waves and enters our outer ear; simultaneously, the vibration from our voice box is carried internally, by our bones (which are excellent conductors) to the inner ear. Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds different when you’re hearing it played back in a recording? The difference is because you’re not getting the resonance of the internal sound you receive when you speak.  

The Dreampad replicates this natural process by playing music through transducers which convert the music into a type of vibration which travels very well through solid material (vs. through the airwaves as with speakers). When you lay your head down, it picks up the vibration. The process of transmitting sound in this way is known as ‘bone conduction’, and Intrasound Technology™ is our patented method of embedding this technology into comfortable pillows.

One advantage of the Dreampad is that you’re not disturbing others in the room when you’re listening to music. More importantly, as the vibration moves toward the bony area surrounding your middle and inner ear, it seems to trigger your body’s relaxation response. Preliminary data suggests that the calming effect of the Dreampad is a result of the vibrational music stimulating the vagus nerve, which in turn activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Our PNS helps us regulate stress – if we’re in a state of hyper-arousal, or elevated stress, the PNS is the part of our nervous system which brings us down to a calmer place where we can relax and fall asleep.

Dreampad Music

Dreampad music is treated specifically for delivery through bone conduction, which emphasizes frequencies of the auditory spectrum most conducive for relaxation and sleep. Purchase includes a FREE DreampadSleep app (available for Apple and Android) of specially treated music to relax your body and mind.

Those who already have a favorite playlist for relaxing or sleeping can use the Dreampad to play that music as well.



Seaside Strings


Tranquil Landscape




Harmonic Continuum


The new line of Dreampads includes an expanded music menu of 10 choices and an alarm. One of these, The Sound of Waves, introduces a first in the field of rhythmic breathing: a de-stress program in which the listener syncs their breathing pattern to the sound of waves.  The program comes in 3 versions for different breathing patterns at 5, 6 and 7 bpm (breaths per minute).  Rhythmic breathing combined with the Dreampad's relaxing vibration makes for an amazing combination!

Who is the Dreampad for?

The Dreampad is for adults and children looking to relax and get a better night's sleep.

The original version of the Dreampad was a pad designed specifically for children. As word of its effectiveness got out, we soon learned that a broad variety of ages and groups were actually using it. We now know that the Dreampad is relieving stress in both children and adults equally, and that it helps those who have trouble falling asleep as well as those who have difficulty sleeping through the night. 

Supporting Research

A Columbia University study of the Dreampad (completed summer 2016, accepted for publication in 2017) examined working adults who experience light, stress-related sleep difficulties. Their most commonly stated sleep problem was an inability to sleep through the night. This was precisely the area in which the Dreampad showed the best results; the Dreampad group had significantly fewer awakenings than the other test groups.

Additional research has shown significant efficacy with activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (the body's relaxation response) in adults, war veterans experiencing PTSD and children with sensory processing disorder and autism. Visit our Research Page.







How we got here



We developed the original Dreampad as a therapeutic tool to help children with high levels of anxiety become more relaxed and sleep better. The feedback was immediate. Researchers approached us to measure the effect of the Dreampad's bone conduction technology on different groups, like adults with stress, vets with PTSD, and others.

Parents contacted us saying it not only helped their kids but that they were also using it themselves to sleep better. With that, we began the re-design process, incorporating feedback from users to make the product more comfortable without sacrificing effectiveness. A patent on the Dreampad was applied for in 2010 and awarded in 2012.

Where we are now

We have developed a new line of Dreampads with Intrasound Technology™ that are as comfortable as any pillow you can buy today.  


Next Steps

We are raising funds to purchase inventory at volume discounts and to build a team who will reach out to groups that can benefit from the Dreampad: military, trauma victims, corporate employees, special needs and anyone struggling with stress or sleep.



  • November – IndieGoGo campaign begins
  • December – Ship remaining Dreampads to IndieGoGo backers



We are the Dreampad team.  

We want to reduce your stress and help you sleep better. We are based in Denver, CO and value being a small, self-sustaining business with a humanitarian desire to help those in need.

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