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DOS! Twice the fun of UNO.

Superman, the Easter Bunny, Africa, Hairy Legs, Touching, Fox noises and some Sloths.

DOS is an excellent game of wit, persuasion, and humour (and a bit of design, and a bit of memory, and some luck, and maybe some strategy) where you win by adding words to your opponents' sentences.

Sometimes you might get challenged to draw that sentence, and it could result in something like this:

hah, Dracula of all candidates:)
hah, Dracula of all candidates:)

Are you ready to have this much fun ?


The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards (10) by forming sentences with your opponents. Players play one word at a time, adding on to the "sentence" forming on the table.

You know things are starting to get messy when your house eats a cat under the table because a clown touches my belly button. This is why at any stage in the game any player can challenge the meaning of the phrase, and now the person being challenged (the last player to add on the phrase) has 60 seconds to make a drawing of what the hell is going on. 

The rest of the group will decide, with a majority vote, if the drawing depicts the sentence well enough. If it does, the challenge is lost and the challenger must pick up two cards. If it does not, the person who was challenged must pick up two cards...The next player will then begin a new sentence! EASY.

As a last resort, the player challenged can upload the picture on instagram for the internet to decide. The DOS! Team will reply within seconds to help settle the challenge. This overrules the group.

Nah, nice try tho.....
Nah, nice try tho.....

On a turn, if a player doesn't have a playable card, he can pick up DOS (two) cards and either continue the sentence of start a new one!

Within the card deck are Trump cards, which spice up the game with wild animal sounds, improvisation, laziness, annoyances and full stops.

Dos Box
Dos Box

When a player has two cards left, anyone can shout "DOS!!" to enter into DOS mode. In DOS mode, players are not restricted to playing only one card at a time. During their turn, they can add unlimited words (providing they make sense) otherwise anyone can CHALLENGE!


It all started with a "Something about Mary" moment... "there should be a game called DOS, you know, like UNO but double! Challenge accepted said I." The initial idea was a war between evens and odds, where heavenly evens had to defend from the evil odds. It was math oriented and the only way to be cool in the game was if you were a multiple of DOS (2). We were obviously going nowhere.

Then one night, DOS found an alternative path, no numbers! Instead people would interact with words, but only a limited amount of words.. how funny would that be?! As a kid I used to play this game where everyone designs a part of the body starting from the head and then rolls the paper for the next person to design the torso and so on until an incongruous, ridiculous body is revealed. I was a only six but those funny memories are what inspired DOS. We applied this concept to sentences. Each player can add one word...and then let the madness begin!. With each new word added to the "sentence" the players would have to justify the phrase (imagine a word Jenga, where the longer it goes the more difficult it is to add a word). We needed an adjudicator! But who would decide? The internet! Yes let the internet decide! So we included a design part where if challenged you had to defend your sentence by drawing it out and if no consensus is reached on the table, the Dos teams Instagram had the final say.

Some cards
Some cards

Now we had the concept and needed to design, illustrate and produce it. The students at SCAD (Savanna College of Art and Design) really helped with parts of the card design and illustrations.We guilted our good friend Ariel into designing our logo and than it was a lot of doodling.

Luckily Legends Playing Cards Company ( ) loved the project from the start and really helped out setting up production, packaging and samples.

Dos evolution, versions 1 to 4
Dos evolution, versions 1 to 4

Last major obstacle to overcome was identifying the correct ratio between word classes to make the gameplay flow, meaning how many verbs to nouns to conjunctions to adverbs to adjectives should be in it. Fortunately the google books project (thank you google) provided a great starting point when they scanned, converted to text, and stored in its digital database million of books. DOS ratio starting point was a average between, Animal farm, Oliver Twist, Lord of the Flies and Anna Karenina. To those we added some 21st century fun.

"Dos is the addictive creative persuasive winning with memory different gameplay social media get everyone together to have so much fun game!"™.


DOS™ is not affiliated with UNO, well, actually it is as a whole natural number sequential to UNO and the exact double of it but DOS as a card game is not affiliated with the great UNO® game by Mattel®.

UNO®, be nice don't sue us, but if you do please don't use your parent company and for everyones amusement have the suit filed as UNO® vs DOS™, let the bigger number win!!!


First of all you need to know when to challenge:)

All of the following are examples of how you can defend a challenge to the phrase "THE PRESIDENT WRONGLY FOLLOWS A GOAT WHILE APPLE PIE GETS DESTROYED BY SMELLY SANTA"

These design would have won and the phrase accepted, enjoy!


Some political Interpretation.


Guess goats don't get turkey's pardons #notthanksgiving


Presidential confusion. UnaSanta.

“#Addictive #creative #persuasion #winning #memory #differentgameplay #socialmedia #everyonetogether #everyonetolike #foxsay #somuchfun #game #ohyeah ”.
“#Addictive #creative #persuasion #winning #memory #differentgameplay #socialmedia #everyonetogether #everyonetolike #foxsay #somuchfun #game #ohyeah ”.

By the way... DOS! not UNO, not TRES, but DOS!!!!!


  • 108 Cards
  • 1 Dry-Erase Marker with Eraser
  • 1 Integrated Dry-Erase Board


108 Cards, 1 Dry Erase Marker with Sponge, 1 Integrated Dry Erase Board
108 Cards, 1 Dry Erase Marker with Sponge, 1 Integrated Dry Erase Board
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