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“……why there are dozens of adapters and docks out there that still don’t have the sole function I’m looking for.” - From MacRumors  

“For photographers and videographers, this is a bittersweet change: losing the built-in SD card reader on older Mac laptops is awfully inconvenient…….” - From Macworld  


When Apple embraced the type C port design on MacBook Pro, there’re a lot to endure for the new users. People just can’t find a one-stop solution when facing a flood of adapters. We’ve tested almost all type C docks and hubs in the market, and disappointingly none of these provides the ultimate satisfaction to serve as an ideal and unique accessory for MacBook Pro.

Introducing DockCase:  

a breakthrough solution for MacBook Pro that integrates a protective carry-case with a nine-port docking station. We know what a hassle it is to be faced with so many different types of dongles. Choosing between docks and cases can be such a drag. DockCase makes it easy: a one-stop solution with wide-ranging functionality and superior protection, all in a sleek and simple design.



Carrying around a handful of dongles is such a pain, and sometimes forget to bring the right adapter to get things done makes it worse. The DockCase packs the MacBook Pro with all missing ports back. You’ll never get wrong with the DockCase. It is designed to be the ultimate accessory for your MacBook Pro. 

Many dock solutions on the market are loose on the connection part, which makes data transfer more fragile than ever. The DockCase connects to your MacBook Pro stably with the provided type C cable that avoid connection loose and data loss.



One adapter is not enough to get things done?   

Tired of plugging in and off to replace adapters?

Sometimes forget to take it, and even can’t find them anymore?

DockCase has a total of nine different ports with five connection types. With DockCase, you can connect your SD card, hard drive, flash drive, monitor, camera, printer, phone, and more, all at the same time. Save the time replacing and finding new adapters, enjoy the one-stop solution that makes a productive MacBook Pro.




Precision-milled dock adopts premium aluminum alloy, endures abrasions and heat dissipation. We tried for many times to fine-tune the space between ports to ports , in order to make good use of each port.  



Through rounds of touch and usage comparisons between different leather types, we finally select microfiber leather. It’s a kind of premium leather widely used in car interiors that delivers ultimate touch comfort. And it has better strength, and endures wear and scratch better than genuine leather.  










 project video thumbnail

Organize the Cable

DockCase comes with type-C cable that connects your MacBook Pro and the DockCase. A slot inside the case organizes the cable, so you can carry them together on the go. 






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