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This hunt features only the DayPac 36L and does not come with the Whisper Pods. 


The DayPac is a smart, versatile and adaptable backpack designed around the workflows of urban dwellers, commuters, photographers, travelers and commuters.

It's more than a simple backpack, it's your daily essential carry workhorse, and it does things all the other backpack can't. It comes in Volcanic Black

 and Space Grey

 and it will make your everyday carry experience wonderful, no matter what you're doing or where you go!








Last year, we create CYCOP DaySling that provide the best user's experience for urban life, travel and your adventure. Since then, you are able to access your gears without any hesitation and everything is just that organized. However, we are looking something more that brings more to solve your problem.

When you’re crossing between offices, client's meetings, airports, and elegant environment – does your laptop briefcase always fit in? When you’re in an important meeting – does your backpack generate envious stares? When you want to explore a new city, continent , country, or continent – does your wheeled carry on do helpful?

If you’re sick of crappy bags falling apart when you do something totally outrageous like stroll and use them, you know that getting in high-quality gears is more reasonable and better for your sanity over time. 


Our plan is simple: from daily commute to up in the air, we’re trying to  provide the best using experience from A to B – whether A and B are home, office, or any other place you would arrive. If you care about moving smoothly from place to place, from indoor to out, from work to play – we would like to invite you to join the CYCOP family. 
Our goal is simple: to make the best stuff in the market.


When something is "totally fit your life" that means that everything together flawlessly. In a word, 

It adapts to your gear and lifestyle.

Let's see why:

Your hands are always full. Full of cameras, toddlers, beer...sometimes all three. Hence we inspire from our DaySling to let you reach your gear in all directions. DayPac's Universal Zipper let your life easier!

Just a simple action and everything is so easy to reach.We also create several "Easy to Access" pockets to ease your daily life and all kinds of situation.

Sunglasses Pocket: we know you always need to protect your eyes and become spotlight all the time, so we make sunglasses pocket to the easiest spot to reach. Don't mention we protect it with super fine velvet.

Perfect location for sunglasses storage to make you fabulous all the time!
Perfect location for sunglasses storage to make you fabulous all the time!


 Card Pocket: No matter it is your metro card, credit card or safety card, you are able to use your card promptly any time.

Stealth Pocket: We design a perfect location on both sides of DayPac for you to access your stuff easily but it is also invisible to someone who want to steal your belongings.

No one will notice everything when you put your stuff in these stealth pockets.
No one will notice everything when you put your stuff in these stealth pockets.


Back Pocket: Just hide your important stuff here and nobody is able to take them away. It can also store up to 10" Ipad for people who needs their digital device all the time during travel and commuting.

Shh! Never tell anyone you would hide your precious or passport in this secret pocket.
Shh! Never tell anyone you would hide your precious or passport in this secret pocket.




Always annoyed about how to carry your stuff efficiently or getting tired of using giant cube backpack during your travel? We invent a 3D transformable shape to make the volume change from 20L to 36L. You can adjust the shape when you need bigger volume or just want DayPac to be daily use. 

Thus, it totally fits your life for work, commute and travel. Moreover, it adapts all kind of activity that you pursue and meets you creative life.

Wanna have a short trip? DayPac's expandable and adjustable layer provide you incredible space to carry your luggage. Say bye bye to your briefcase and carry DayPac to enjoy your trip. The middle layer is able to adjust to unite with the top layer to provide spacious storage space for multiple days trip.




Getting tired of arrange all of your belongings inside of a deep hole for your backpack. DayPac is composed of 3 independent combinable compartment for you to organize everything effortlessly. 

For inner compartment, it provides 15" laptop and 10" Ipad pocket with well-protected soft shell to carry your electronic device. Moreover, it is also with several organized pocket for your to cope with your daily life.

For middle layer, you can carry  your clothes and shoes for sports, running after work and it is totally separated from your working equipment.

The top layer provides expandable space for you to carry any kind of stuff you want. Even you want to carry a basketball, there is no problem.


Remember our whisper closure technology. It provides  the quietest using experience when rearranging your whisper pods in your bags.


With the combination of Whisper Closure and Whisper Pods, you can always ensure you can fix heavier gears at the high position inside of DayPac to have more comfortable packing experience and provide better protection to your high end electronic device.

 We spent tons of time to setup the best organized arrangement to let you use our DayPac with ultra comfort. With our thoughtful setup and whisper technology to set heavier stuff on the higher position. You will feel how versatile our DayPac could be and believe it will become your best accompany for a long time.


DayPac can become a lie-flat status. It helps a lot when arranging your gears and uses any kind of your personal gears inside of the bag. Wherever you are, just simply open your DayPac and you can reach your gears immediately. 

DayPac is designed to fit devices up to 15". Simply open 180 degrees, lay it flat on the conveyor, and watch your laptop go through the x-ray machine without any mess and inconvenience - and should you for any reason be required to take it out of its slot, you can do so easily, without rearranging the rest of the bag's contents.


Whoever you are a urban dweller, digital nomad, traveller, or adventurers.
You will discover why our DayPac is suitable for everyone.

Urban Dwellers: The DayPac's versatile style allows people to move from home to office easily. 

Digital Nomads:


Travellers: The light weight and compact usage for people can pack and unpack the bag in a second, saving your time, getting more time to relax.

Commuters: The DayPac's versatile style allows people to move from home to office easily. 

Urban : urban urbanurbanurbanurbanurban
Urban : urban urbanurbanurbanurbanurban
  • Students: Won't having to think about what bags to take, your FLATPAC will be the perfect one to go with you do anything.



Feature Details:  

  • 3 Orgnaized layers
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Sunglasses Holding stripes
  • Strengthened base textile
  • Non-slip zipper pull
  • Sunglasses pocket 
  • Reflective logo 
  • Underware pockets 
  • Strap organised band 
  • Water tight zipper 


 The Daypac contains crushion and water repellent fabric, extreme function behine the simplist appearance. So , with these tons of great features in one bag, You do not need to buy travel bags and daily bag separately.


CYCOP is an urban lifestyle brand that seeks harmony in populated environments. The name comes from “City of Co-optimality.” We are a group of designers and entrepreneurs from USA, Taiwan, and Malasyia. who try to provide people with new and joy experience through our design. In 2015, we founded CYCOP to define a new way to lifestyle products.

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