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IT'S A CRAPCHUTE, BUT WE ARE GIVING IT A SHOT! And your help is much appreciated. Be Green and go Crapchute!

Disclaimer: Please don't try skydiving at home! All parachuting completed with a FAA parachute by professional skydivers.

Please help share our campaign! Please take 15 secs to share and tag a friend that needs a bag and wants to save the environment.

Click the link below to instantly share:




Our Mission

We are dedicated to saving our environment and giving back. Plastic bags kill thousands of harmless sea creatures every year and pollute our oceans. Every purchase helps to preserve our oceans. Through the Ocean Cleanup Project (“OCP”), a Crapchute founded and supported initiative, we will donate our time, resources and money to help clean our oceans and beaches. Starting locally in Southern California and scaling globally, OCP will help rid the world’s oceans of trash and debris. Crapchute is committed to helping save our environment one bag at a time. Disposable shopping bags are everywhere, from department stores to grocery stores. In the 1970’s these bags were brought to life and now it is time to get rid of them. The average American goes through six disposable bags each week. That’s 312 bags per year! With an approximate US population at 325 million people, the United States consumes 1.95 billion bags a week. And where do these bags end up when we are done with them? In landfills, on the streets and worst of all in our oceans. With a Crapchute bag you can stop using disposable bags and personally help save our environment! With the purchase of each Crapchute bag, Crapchute Inc. will donate part of our profits and our time to clean up local beaches starting in California!

Help us Save the environment one bag at a time!

 Our Story 

We are Crapchute! A team of individuals that love fashion and are dedicated to clearing the world of plastic and paper grocery bags while creating high quality, fashionable, reusable and super strong bags made from light weight parachute rip stop fabric. As a professional skydiver and former Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) master parachute rigger, founder and owner Jonathan Zar wanted to bring his passion for air sports, craftsmanship, and the strength of parachute materials to the public in the form of handy collapsible bags for everyday use. After 100’s of hours of design, testing and R&D, Crapchute, a versatile, light-weight, resilient and incredibly strong catch-all bag was born. Take it to the beach, take it to the market, take it to the park, use it as a diaper bag, use it as a wet/ dry bag, use it to garden, use it to transport your snow gear. Whatever your task, Crapchute is your go to bag! We stand by our product and are the only recyclable bag guaranteed to hold up to 100 pounds…if you’re strong enough! Looks great, works even better, while helping save our environment.






 Our Design

Our Parachute fabric is light weight (1.9 ounces per square yard) is made with a ripstop weave and will hold a massive load. This means you can hold a bunch of groceries with only one bag! If you can lift and carry it to the car... Load capacity is approximately 100 lbs or 45 kg/ bag. We started with a one-piece construction, which means our bags are built from one continuous piece of fabric sewn together for extra strength. We use only high quality rip-stop polyester and nylon fabrics. The parachute fabric used is a special boxed weave design which gives it tear resistant characteristics. These are the two design features that gives our bag such a high strength rating. We also decided to add a reversible pocket so we could keep amount of fabric and overall weight down. Plus, it is just big enough to hold a cell phone, keys, sunscreen and a wallet. Weighing in at just 2.4 ounces all in, we are one of the lightest bags around with one of the highest weight ratings. The double pocket allows our supporters to have one open pocket and one secured zipper pocket, all in one. When the bag is stuffed inside the pocket, the inner carabiner is revealed, providing a perfect way to clip your bag to a backpack, a stroller, a belt loop or anything you can think of when you are on the move. Clip it here, clip it there, clip it anywhere; this way you will never be without your Crapchute when you need it the most.

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