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Hello, world! Today we're introducing to you the project of our lives – the CONTEMPUSwatch series!

"CONTEMPUS" is a name derived from two words which sum up the idea perfectly - "contemporary" and "tempus", which is the Latin word for its majesty, Time itself.

Du Neĝo model
Du Neĝo model

We create aesthetically-designed timepieces in a contemporary manner, drawing inspiration from the works of the most prominent modern craftsmen of our time.

We find the idea of combining various wristwatch designs with some details which define popular design styles and features to be more interesting.

Unu Nokte Model
Unu Nokte Model

Summing it up, we decided to create a watch series inspired by famous cultural architecture and design phenomena, icons, and standards, so here's our first try. Hope you'll like it! 

 CA$ 50,000 — The Du Ŝtalo watch (locked)

Our first stretch goal is the special Kickstarter version of our most acclaimed design. Here are some of its features:

  • Stylish monochrome coloration with an ashen leather strap 
  • Shiny new dial made of brushed stainless steel 
  • Special edition for KS backers with a serial number on each piece

To unlock this stretch goal we need to achieve at least CA$ 50,000 so please help to spread the word if you like the new version and want to get one for yourself! If you want this specific model, you can pledge for any other watch now and come back to change your pledge for the new watch later!

The main concept of our design is a neat, contemporary outlook stripped of unnecessary visual garbage. Our project is an ode to the masters of the past, present and future: those, who move the industry of aesthetic objective beauty to new heights.

In each series, every watch will be developed under the influence of the jewels of contemporary design which surrounds us all over the world. You can always be sure you'll be wearing a trendy watch, because we rely on standards that are eternal.

Unu Nokte | Unu Neĝo
Unu Nokte | Unu Neĝo

The source of inspiration for the first CONTEMPUS series design lies in modern Eastern architecture, Asian and European product design and postmodernist art of the second half of the XX century.

There are two models in the first series, each with the option of a single or the more convenient two-hand format, underlining the universality of the concept and out-of-time longevity of the inspirational objects. All you need to do is choose what is more suitable for you and CONTEMPUS will do the rest. Decorating your wrist in the best way possible!

Du Nokte | Du Neĝo
Du Nokte | Du Neĝo



As we mentioned earlier, while developing the initial CONTEMPUS series, we drew inspiration from the different objects of product design, modern architecture, postmodernist art.

We found a lot of aesthetic beauty in the works of architects who defined the contemporary look of modern Asia in the XX century. This found a reflection in the design of a convex dial of our watch. We adore the simple, yet dynamic outlines, elegant, thin shapes, and weird outlook of the buildings that serve as landmarks in big Eastern cities and referred to in the ergonomic and slim design of our case.

We were touched by the works of craftsmen such as Zaha Hadid, Shigeru Ban, Zhu Pei, Masahiro Mori, and Yanagi Satori. Their signature ideas are expressed in our design.


We also worship the classic product design of the XX century and the people who influenced it the most. There are a lot of historically significant objects which define the industry in the second half of the XX century. We reflected homage to these masterpieces in CONTEMPUS shape and design as well.

The most influential designers who affected us are Dieter Rams, Issey Miyake, Arne Jacobsen, and Paul Henning, as well as the abstract works of Gerrit Richards, Ettore Sottsass, and Roger Talon, and the minimalist beauty of the legendary Sodra Angby, Stockholm district.

Another thing that we found interesting and touching is the philosophy of post-modern art with its ability to shake simplicity with a small touch of abstraction and color work. It's reflected in the whimsical design of the hands and a tiny injection of contrasting colors in it.


We're proud that we've managed to create an interesting and outstanding timepiece with a lot of attention to details. It was a hard task to recreate the most distinctive features of the concept and turn them into an attractive stylish wristwatch with a unique touch.

The strong concept was a vital matter for us all the way here. We wanted to add a touch of uniqueness even for aesthetic details. That's why all models are named in Esperanto language which is a fusion of several different languages. "Du" and "Unu" particles define the quantity of hands, while "Nokte" (Night) and "Neĝo" (Snow) define the dial's color. The same goes for the watch straps: we decided to make them different for each model in gradations of a brown palette. Also, each strap has slightly different texture from another color. 

This kind of shape refers to the modern masterpieces of Asian architecture style with its mesmerizing curves and aerodynamic smoothness. The case also refers to the concept with its soft, rounded shape and transitions.

We decided to pick a neat, simple, and clean face outlook in order to underline the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian designs and architecture with its strictness in small details which can be seen in its dial layout.

The hands have a whimsical shape and contrast color, being a reference to the straightforwardness of post-modern art. The hands are curved and follow the shape of a dial, mesmerizingly crawling to the outer ring. It's also reflected in the layout, which has several colored indexes in its monochrome look. 




The idea to create CONTEMPUS was born from the sympathy and study of the history of design and architecture. Our team assembled on the basis of common interests and later decided to manifest our passion in a solid object. That's how we began to work on the wristwatch.

We wanted to create a series of timepieces that praises design, art, and architecture through their history, commemorating their most interesting and distinctive features and stages in each watch collection. The first series relies on shapes of Eastern architecture, an Asian and European product design and retrospective post-modern art. We've gone through hundreds of appropriate inspirational objects before we picked those which inspire us more than any other. The final result of this brainstorm is what you see now :)


Our primary goal in forming the final price was to make our dream come true in the first place, and share our vision and idea with you and then with the whole world. There are several factors related to our US$ 89 / CA$ 111 price, which includes the lack of intermediaries and retail markup.

Our comparative graph shows the difference in the pricing policy between CONTEMPUS and any other typical watch in our price range. With your help, we'll have the opportunity to offer you the best price possible, avoiding any distribution and retail markups and cutting our own profit. That gives you an attractive raw price of only US$ 89 / CA$ 111.

We appreciate your participation and realize your desire to get your watch in due time. That's why we separated the production into several stages and coordinated each with our manufacturer. Our production plan considers the possibility of little delays, so graphic table reflects the maximum possible terms. In fact, we predict shorter periods for each production stage, so we hope to be able to deliver the watches even earlier!

Each timepiece is made of lightweight 316L stainless steel — one of the best and universal solutions in the watch market. The black model has a durable and awesome-looking PVD black coating. The lightweight case is protected with solid crystal mineral glass and has X ATM water resistance. Watch movement is accurate and reliable Japanese Miyota GL20 Slim. Nokte models are PVD-coated in black, while all Neĝo watches have a gunmetal case.

Case Diameter: 39 mm 
Case Thickness: 8 mm 
Band Material: Genuine Leather 
Band Width: 20 mm narrowing to 18 mm 
Total Weight: 35 gram 
Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel 
Buckle: 316L Stainless Steel 
Glass: Crystal Mineral Glass 
Movement: Miyota Slim 2 hands movement GL20 
Water Resistant: 5 ATM


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