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When you’re an urban warrior, life never stops. There are coffees to order, bars to attend, gym sessions to smash, good-looking people to impress. And let’s face it, most shorts just can’t handle the pace. We're sick of shorts that can’t take us where we want to go. We’re sick of them falling down and riding up. We’re sick of washing day. And most of all, we’re sick of having to get changed all the time. Surely getting dressed once a day is enough to expect of a man. But we didn’t want to whinge. We wanted a solution. That’s why we created the world's first Non-Stop Shorts.

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Available on Kickstarter for $133 for individuals, get it for only $99.90 when you buy with 3 other Grouphunters (4 minimum orders for this hunt). So share this with your multi-purpose tool friends and JOIN THE HUNT!


Our Journey started two and half years ago when it dawned on us our friends didn’t like their shorts. The most common reason was that they fall down when you bend over (AKA: the dreaded plumber’s crack!). So, we set out on a mission to find a solution. After countless wearer trials and R&D, we discovered that shape and the waistband’s stretchability are key factors to a short’s staying power. We learnt: a curved waistband holds bit better when you’re standing still, but if you bend over or reach for the stars, your backside is left exposed. We worked with the world’s best manufacturers to create a one-of-a-kind, never seen before, five-piece waistband. Fast forward more than two years – after countless wearer trials, testing and plenty of prototypes, we’ve found a new solution… Introducing the AptGrip waistband, proudly making the dreaded plumber’s crack a thing of the past.


We worked with our manufacturers to engineer a 360 degree stretch premium fabric which infused with silver. Silver is naturally oligodynamic that eliminates bacteria (and BO). By fusing our fabric with silver, these antimicrobial properties are ingrained in the fabric and makes it odourless. But we didn't stop there, We created a brand new fabric infusing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. That makes our Non-stop shorts will stain resistant or any type of liquid will just roll off and dry faster than your regular shorts. That also means you can avoid laundry duty for up to 3 weeks (just don’t tell your girlfriend).


Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Credit card? Check. With Non-slip self-sealing hidden pocket bags, there are places to put all your essentials. The fine details are the heart of our products and they are what we spend most of our time on. We designed the perfect solution to stash your stuff and you can be wallet free.

Sneaky phone pocket


 Hidden card pocket


 Handy key pocket


Emergency back pocket


Our shorts also come in two lengths. Because we'll never agree about which one's better. And who knows, you might even swing both ways.





Waistband Closure
Waistband Closure


Waistband Closure
Waistband Closure



Our shorts come in three colours. 

Manson Black

This shady character shuns the limelight – choosing to sit on the sidelines instead. While easy going, there’s something mysterious about Manson: a hint of danger, a dark side, or a murky past.

Cobain Blue

Take a walk on the mild side with cool kid Cobain. Never a ruffled feather or a sharp word, this is one chilled character – light on small talk, but heavy on meaning. Blue waters run deep.

Redford Red

Never backwards in coming forward, Redford is a colourful character (and hard to miss in a crowd). Centre of attention, life of the party, king of the world – there’s never a dull moment when Red’s around.

Mid Length
Mid Length


Knee Grazer
Knee Grazer




Stretch goal #1 - 100k: Unlock your own colour combination(s)

Never a dull moment - Customise your shorts

Currently the range of Cobba Non-stop shorts features three fabric colours and two Aptgrip waistband colours as below:

Redford Red + a navy Aptgrip waistband 

Cobain Blue + a navy Aptgrip waistband 

Manson Black + a black Aptgrip waistband 

When we reach $100,000 we will let you play around with our colour palette and customise your shorts as you please. It’s so easy - only two steps:


 For example, you could match Cobain Blue with a black Aptgrip waistband. Like this:

Note: As soon as the campaign ends, we will send you a survey to complete where you can let us know your preferred colour combination(s).

Our shorts will be manufactured in sizes XS-XXL in both leg lengths, and will cover waist sizes 28"all the way to 41". The detailed size guide will be available when the hunt ends. 

What does Cobba mean?

Proudly designed in Sydney, Australia 

As Australians, we love adventures.We say when adventure comes your way, you want to be ready for anything. The only hard part: finding accessories that can keep up with you. A car that can go from Surry Hills to St. Kilda on a single tank. A mate who can get in everywhere (and get away with everything). A phone that never dies mid-swipe. And clothes that are just the right fit, for any occasion. That’s why Cobba was born. Taking cues from cutting edge technology, our experienced menswear design and production team created the world's first Non-Stop shorts that actually can fit in everywhere you go. 


Cobba team



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