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Clug is the most unobtrusive, simple way to store you bike. Pull your bike onto the back wheel and pop the front wheel into Clug. Simple!

Save space, keep your place tidy, and sleep well knowing your bike is safely stored inside your home.


Not sure what size CLUG you need? We can help you with that.



This size is designed to fit Road Bike Tires – small and lean.

If your tire is between 23 and 32mm (1″ to 1.25″) then this is the size for you!


This size is designed to fit Hybrid Tires – comfortable and wide but not too knobby.

If your tire is between 33 and 42mm (1.3″ to 1.75″) then this is the size for you!



This size is designed to fit Mountain Bike Tires – knobby and ready to shred trails.

If your tire is between 1.8″ and 2.5″ (43mm to 62mm) then this is the size for you!



The Numbers on the side of the tire tell you everything you need to know about the size of the tire IF you know how to read them!

In determining your tire size, look for a group of numbers that look like what you see in the image above. The numbers that we’ve highlighted in orange tell you the diameter of the tire (25mm in this case) which is the number you’re looking for when measuring for CLUG!

We should mention that the listed size isn’t accurate to the width of the tire. It would be smart to double check by measuring across the width of the tire with a ruler before ordering.


It's almost too easy to install

Step 1

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to check that the CLUG you got is the right size for your tire. We have all of the information on the sizing page.

As a handy guide, we also put the maximum and minimum sizes for each CLUG right on the side of the box. Just hold it up to your tire and check to see that it is within the range.


Step 2

Time to figure out where your CLUG is going. Once you’ve found your section of the wall, you can use the alignment guide on the box to get your hole spacing marked precisely.

Holding your bike in the position you want it (you can get a friend to help here), you’ll want to align the position of your CLUG with the centre of your wheel, where the tire touches the wall.


Step 3


You’ll need to drill some holes if you are putting CLUG on anything other than wood surface (or a stud in the wall) (no, not that kind of stud).

To drill, just stick your template lightly to the wall and drill right through the guide.

The box will help catch the dust too!


Step 4


If you drilled holes, insert the anchors from your box into the holes to give you something to screw into.

Note: This doesn’t apply to MTB CLUGs as we don’t recommend installing your MTB into hollow drywall. You should always be installing your MTB directly into a solid support such as a stud, beam or masonry.

Step 5

Separate the Clipper from the Gripper and screw the Clipper into the wall.

You’ll be able to make small adjustments before you tighten the screws fully, to make sure that your CLUG is level.


Step 6

Snap the Gripper in to cover the screw heads, and you’re ready to CLUG!

If you need to take it off again, don’t worry, you can take the Gripper out to get to the screws. It takes a little force, but don’t be afraid to stretch it a little. CLUG can take it!

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask - We answer

Does the back wheel need to be on the ground?

YES!!! We do not provide bike-levitating equipment. At least one wheel needs to be on the ground at all times or this will happen:

What about if I used 2 CLUGs?

Ah we’ve got a smart one here. Top marks for effort, but nope it still won’t work.

I can’t drill into my walls, can I use picture hanging tape (or similar) to mount CLUG?

We have seen plenty of examples where this has worked, but we do not recommend it. It’s not really what these strips were designed to do and, if the paint job isn’t tip top, you might pull a chunk of paint of the wall. The most secure way is always going to be by screwing CLUG into a sturdy wall.

What about mounting it on the floor?

Nope, that won’t work I’m afraid.

I have a rather hefty bike, will it CLUG?

It depends on how wide your tire is in each CLUG, and what type of tires you have (for example gum walls are much less grippy than regular tires).

To be super safe, do not exceed these maximums;

23mm/1″ tire – 9kg (20lbs),
32mm/1.25″ tire – 13kg (29lbs)

33mm/1.3″ tire – 12kg (27lbs)
42mm/1.75″ tire – 19kg (42lbs)

43mm/1.8″ tire – 13kg (29lbs)
62mm/2.5″ tire – 20kg (44lbs)

If you stay between these figures you are sure to be happy. The truth of the matter is the wider the tire, the more secure it is in each size. We are constantly testing a variety of bikes and sizes to figure out what will and won’t CLUG – you will be surprised by the results. If you want to find out more, check out the #willitclug series over on our BLOG.

Which CLUG do I need and how do I find out the size of my tires?

All the information you need is highlighted in our very handy Sizing Guide. But do be careful, the size range we state relates to the ACTUAL measured tire size. Some sneaky manufacturers will sell you a 32mm tire which is actually 28mm wide, (or less!) just to save weight. So play it safe and measure your tires just to be sure!

Will CLUG fit my wide aero rims?

If your rims are wider than your tires, then there probably isn’t enough rubber for CLUG to grip on.

I have full fenders on my rear wheel, can I CLUG please?

Thanks for the polite question. You might be able to CLUG if your fender is a little flexible or if it doesn’t extend around the wheel too far.

How high do I mount my CLUG?

Try to line CLUG up with the center of your wheel as best as you can, but CLUG will allow for a range of up to 8”. Check our our Installation Guide for more details on where to aim your drill.

Which wheel should CLUG hug?

For you vertical mounters out there, you will need to clip your front wheel into CLUG whilst the back wheel rests on the ground.

For storing your bike horizontally, reverse your bike in so that the rear wheel is clipped.

Refer to this handy image below if you’d like:


It looks like my CLUG is bending when I use it, is this normal?

If you are confident that you have followed our Sizing and Installation guides correctly, a little flexing shouldn’t be anything to worry about. We have made CLUG out of a durable yet flexible polycarbonate to accommodate this and successfully tested it with up to 5-15 years worth of daily use.

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