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  Have you ever struggled taking your cards out of your wallet? My solution is Clic Wallet. Super portable but engineered for easily accessing your cards, Clic Wallet opens up with a single click, unlike conventional and slim wallets, which seem like they were made to keep you away from your belongings. Never struggle to take out your card again: you open the Clic Wallet simply by pressing on its surface. Both sides will open if you pinch the wallet, and once open, Clic Wallet fans out all your cards. The cash is stored in a safe strap. On top of all this, Clic Wallet can double as a phone stand. It’s the perfect accessory for the man on the go. Open your wallet like never before, and enjoy accessing your cards quicker. 

Grouphunt Deal

Get your hands on this minimalist simple yet functional wallet on Grouphunt today and receive 37% in savings! Choose from 4 different colours. We need 10 orders for this hunt to proceed so share this with your friends and join the hunt!


 Clic wallet is the first slim wallet that opens up with a single click! It allows you to access your cards easily while maintaining a slim profile.

Here's why Clic Wallet is better than other slim wallets.

  • Quick access to top and bottom cards
  • Quick access to cards in the middle
  • Simple and Elegant Design
  • Fits in any pocket
  • Doubles as a phone stand

 Clic wallet is as simple as Click, Fan, and Pick.


 With a streamlined design with simplicity and functionality in mind, Clic Wallet is simply the most practical slim wallet. Measuring around the size of a credit card, Clic Wallet is designed to be carried everywhere you go and suitable for anywhere you go. The classic embossed logo at the bottom that finishes the matte look of the wallet is our signature design.


 Say you want to pull a card from the middle. This is no problem: in fact, it’s a major feature of Clic Wallet. All you do is fan out your cards, pinching the wallet to open both lids, and take the one that you want. You’re in line at a restaurant or a coffee shop or a convenience store – wherever – and you are on a time crunch. The sooner you can pay the cashier and get out, the better. There is no easier way to access your cards than Clic Wallet. By bringing it into your life, you are maximizing efficiency in a way never before possible.

 Ever wanted to carry your wallet while you traveled? The tag along feature allows you to securely attach your wallet to your backpack or key chain. This is also extremely useful in airports to prevent losing your wallet!

Cash strap. Everyone needs to carry some cash now or then, and Clic Wallet is perfect for carrying some cash. With the cash strap, its easy to store some cash securely and hassle free.  

Make it into a phone stand! Whenever you need something to prop up your phone, Clic Wallet is the perfect phone stand to use, with or without cards inside.


 Use Clic Wallet on the go, whether you're jogging or commuting in the city, Clic Wallet is easily accessible and fits in any of your pockets. The slim profile is perfect for your daily commutes, and the quick access to cards make it even better for travel. 

 With a streamlined design, Clic wallet is suitable for business occassions Whether you're at a meeting or on a business travel, Clic Wallet allows you to easily hand out your business cards. 

 Use Clic Wallet at a restaurant or cafe to pay for your drinks hassle free. The wallet even transforms into a phone stand in case you wanted to prop up your phone.

 Why is Clic Wallet Unique?

 Clic Wallet is perfect for carrying all your essentials, while maintaining a slim fit suitable for travel, commuting and even jogging. Designed to look streamlined and elegant, it fits right in the palm of your hands. Most importantly, its features would always surprise you with its practical advantages over any other wallet you've used.


 Clic Wallet's patent-pending features allow easy access to all your cards. The patent includes the feature of opening the wallet with a click or by any pressure.


Product Specs

Clic wallet carries up to 10 cards and some cash, and the dimensions of the wallet are 95mm by 54mm by 10mm, right around the size of a credit card. Carry all your essentials in one place with quick and easy access to them all!

Durable Elastic

Our precision knit elastic is built to last the life time of the wallet. The materials are a combination of polyester and elastic, which is intertwined to hold your cash strongly and securely. 

Tag it along

Tag the Clic Wallet anywhere you go with the built in hole for attachments. 

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  • Choose from 4 different colours!
  • A simple, elegant yet functional wallet, perfect for the everyday minimalists!


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