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What is the Ultimate City Jacket?

3 in 1, a truly functional and versatile jacket that adapts to any weather or life circumstances. The Parachute system is a proprietary technology allowing you to make your jacket shorter with just a simple hand movement.

Adjust your sleeves for a perfect fit, store everything you need to carry in specially designed pockets and let everybody appreciate your stylish look. In case you don’t need a jacket, you can always take it with you as a bag carrying your belongings.





Automatic Length Reduction System

Making your Ultimate City Jacket shorter is always useful when you need protection from the rain, more comfort in your movements or for when you just simply want to change your style on the fly.

Adaptable Sleeves

Your jacket should always fit you regardless of any circumstances. With the Ultimate City Jacket, you can adjust the length of your sleeves for a perfect fit you need.

Transforms into a bag

In the case, you don’t need a jacket, you still can always use it as a bag and take with you in case it gets cold outside.


Built-in Wallet for Credit Cards and Cash

Don't like carrying your bulky wallet with you? Or you are afraid of losing it somewhere? With the Ultimate City Jacket, it's not a problem. Keep your cards and cash secure in a special built-in wallet.

10+ Pockets to Keep You Organized

With the Ultimate City Jacket you can take all the stuff you may need for a day out with you and keep it organized in specially designed pockets.







Why we've created the Ultimate City Jacket?

We've been developing functional clothes for more than 3 years. Almost a year ago we started working on the Ultimate City Jacket when we couldn’t find an outerwear that would be specially designed for the city lifestyle. 

As we developed the product, we tested and improved every feature giving the users the sense of multifunctional and truly versatile outerwear that adapts to any life scenario. Now we are seeking support from the Kickstarter community to make this amazing jacket available globally for all customers who want to feel comfortable in their own cities.






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