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CIO is a battery-free bike light, designed to meet the demands of modern transportation and developed to be self-powered in the simplest way possible.

CIO is integrated with ReeMount™, a straightforward and secure wire system that makes mounting the lights faster and easier than ever before. The wire is made from coated stainless steel, minimizing the risk of breakage or theft.

If the bike stops momentarily, the ReePower™ backup system automatically continues to supply power, keeping you safe even when stopping at traffic lights. CIO will carry on flashing for two minutes and then automatically turn off. CIO is intuitive and highly integrated, with no buttons or switches on the bike light. All you have to do is ride, and never again worry whether your lights are on or off.


When investing in a CIO bike light, you never have to worry about batteries again, nor should you worry about the maintenance of the product, since the CIO bike lights require minimal care. CIO has a bright flash, and the ReePower™ feature keeps you safe at a standstill. CIO has gone though climatic tests which have proven that it's waterproof and solid in harsh environments. Furthermore, CIO is eco-friendly, due to the reduction in pollution through use of a magnetic system instead of batteries.



For more than a decade, Reelight have been helping cyclists around the world feel safe on the road. This has been possible thanks to our ground-breaking invention of induction bike lights, where the light is powered by magnets that are placed on the spokes of your bike. The vision was to eliminate the use of batteries, thus removing the risk of them running flat and making you vulnerable in traffic.

Based on a large scale research study* with over 4,000 participating cyclists, we have proven that our induction lights reduce the probability of accidents by 19% when counting all accidents, and 47% for accidents with more than one involved party. Furthermore, 85% of our induction light users have expressed that they felt safer while riding in traffic.

* [Madsen, J. C. O., Andersen, T., & Lahrmann, H. S. (2013). Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 50, 820- 829]

The main reason for this large reduction in accidents was down to the fact that the lights were always on when riding, both night and day. This is referred to as 'daytime running lights' (DRL) – a term that's well known in the automotive industry. Many countries require the use of DRL in cars, as it is proven to drastically reduce the number of accidents experienced by drivers on the road.

CIO in our light test lab.
CIO in our light test lab.

DRL dynamo lights by Reelight have become the standard in Denmark, and today are mounted on 1/3 of all bikes there. The lights have been well tested and proven effective, but now it's time for us to take the concept to the next level.

CIO is the synthesis of advanced technology and design. We have been working hard on upgrading our technology, as we wanted to reduce the size of the magnet module while increasing the power output. What used to be two 12 centimeter / 4.7 inches magnet modules, mounted on each wheel, is now just one small, coin-sized magnet. By upgrading this technology we were able to get approximately six times the output using the smaller magnets. 

The main goal for the CIO project was to reinvent the mounting as we believe that the best bike lights are the ones you can mount on your own in just a few minutes. Our solution is called ReeMount™ and is currently patent pending. We are very proud of this solution, as it is highly adaptable and can be mounted by using the key included in the package.

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