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If you live in a small apartment, you know that space is key, especially in the kitchen. When every last inch counts, ChopWash becomes an essential space-saver.

Cook – Squish – Store! It is that easy!

ChopWash is perfect for cleaning and soaking vegetables, fruits and meat before cooking. The collapsible washing bowl comes with its own plug, meaning you won’t have to lift to drain. It is ideal for expanding sink space with more washing and soaking room.

Squish and ChopWash collapses into a cutting board ready for food preparation. Great for slicing meats, chopping vegetables, fruits or breaking down poultry, the self-standing chopping board lies flat for a durable knife-friendly cutting surface. ChopWash also doubles up as a carving board thanks to spill-proof trenches that capture and retain juices, making carving a turkey or roast a snap.

Non-slip feet of molded-rubber strips keep the board safely and securely in place during use. The large contoured ergonomic handles featuring comfort grips are great for easy pick-up to scrape ingredients into a pot or waste into the trash.

Take more with less with ChopWash: A Camper’s Best Friend

Thanks to its clever design, the basin folds into a compact shape, less than 1 inch high for convenient storage and space saving. The collapsible bowl is lightweight, takes up very little room and it is easy to pack and transport.

ChopWash is ideal for when space is tight, particularly when on the move, camping, caravanning, fishing or just relaxing on the back deck! Versatile, the dish tub can also be used to ice beverages, wash dishes or for campsite clean-up.









MULTI-PURPOSE: ChopWash can be used as a vegetable/fruit/meat/fish cleaning basket, chopping/cutting board ideal for cutting, slicing and chopping, a tub for household needs such as washing dishes and also for icing beverages or campsite cleanup.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from high-quality, BPA-free, PP plastic and siliconized rubber, ChopWash is antimicrobial, lightweight, does not retain odours and is safe for food. Highly durable, it will not crack, warp or split, giving you many years of use. Because it is non-porous, the cutting board is gentle on knives and does not harm or dull blades. Spill-proof trenches prevent liquid overflow, keeping the kitchen clean and healthy.

COLLAPSIBLE, FOLDING, SPACE SAVING DESIGN: ChopWash collapses to 1/3 (about 2 inches) of its original height. It folds into a compact shape for space saving, easy storage and carrying. Easy to pack and transport, it is the perfect cooking utensil for camping, picnics, BBQs, caravanning, fishing.

SAFE & EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The collapsible bucket remains in place on any smooth surface thanks to a non-slip base with increased gripping properties. The contoured ergonomic handles make pick-up easy for scraping ingredients into a pot or waste into the trash. The basin comes with a built-in plug for draining. ChopWash is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and stain resistant to preserve hygiene.

100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If for any reason Chopwash does not meet or exceed your expectations, we will replace it or refund your money with no questions asked. Why? Because we LOVE you! Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we endeavour to maintain our status of 100% customer satisfaction.







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