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Introducing the most functional fitness planner ever created. We've designed the perfect tool to help you accelerate your results.  CHISEL is a simple but professional planner that simplifies the journey to achieve your true fitness potential.  We've learned firsthand that getting into shape is hard work and that a lot of factors that go into doing both diet and exercise right.  Without a good planner, it's nearly impossible to avoid getting distracted, confused or to lose motivation.  CHISEL is exactly what you need to get into the best shape of your life.  

CHISEL was built on a foundation of 5 principles:

1) FUNCTIONALITY - We didn't just want to just another fitness planner. We wanted it to be the best, so it has to contain all the most important aspects of dieting and exercise.

2) SIMPLICITY - We wanted the planner to simplify the fitness process rather than make it more confusing.  We wanted to keep the features realistic and easy to use.  

3) CUSTOMIZATION - We wanted to create something that everyone could use regardless of their fitness goals or program.  We wanted the planner to be as useful to a bodybuilder as it would be to an endurance runner or an everyday person just trying to lose a few pounds.  

4) SLEEK DESIGN - We didn't want the planner to be cheesy.  We wanted people to feel confident bringing with them to the gym.  We also wanted to feel proud of the design of the product.  

5) EXPERT PLANNING STRATEGIES - We designed CHISEL to help people follow the best practices suggested by fitness authorities across the board.  We structured the planner so that it focuses solely on planning and goal setting strategies that actually work. We didn't even begin to designed CHISEL until after we interviewed fitness authorities from all over the world just to ensure that we help people follow the best practices for diet, exercise, and overall fitness planning/ goal setting.




We searched high and low and weren't able to find a fitness planner that didn't have serious functionality problems -  the apps, and other notebooks, etc. - were all either missing important elements of effective planning or they had serious problems with the way they were designed.  

We designed CHISEL to combine the most important elements that go into creating and managing a successful fitness regimen but we also wanted the planner to look good and to fit in at the gym.  We can honestly say that what we've created is truly the most functional fitness planner in existence.  And we can't help but feel like it's the sexiest one too ;)

What's inside?

Daily Workout & Nutrition Planning
The Chisel Fitness Planner comes with daily pages to help you plan and track your workouts and nutrition. People that do dieting alone, or weight training without dieting often don’t see any lasting results. That is because diet and exercise are meant to work together. By planning your workout and what you are going to eat in advance, you are setting yourself up for success. People often have that “brownie” or “soda” in a moment of weakness because they don’t have a plan in place.

Goal Setting
Research has shown that individuals who commit their goals to paper are much more likely to achieve those goals than those who don’t. If you want to increase your chances of success you should tell someone. One additional layer would be to get a fitness partner and hold eachother accountable.

Chisel provides space for you to write out what you want to achieve in 90 days, explain why you want it. It even helps you identify obstacles that may stand in your way so you can plan to overcome them.

Progress Tracking
The more feedback you get and the more ways you have to measure your results, the better. That is why we included a weekly progress chart. The progress chart has columns for the the date, body fat percentage, total weight, as well as body measurements. When you start using the Chisel fitness planner, weigh yourself, have your body fat measured and take measurements of your body. Every week, recheck your progress and update your chart to track your progress week over week. Doing this will allow you to use this feedback to adjust your plan for the upcoming week.

Meal Planning
Meal planning is vital to any effective fitness routine.  What a lot of people don’t realize, is that all of the cheese and dressing they are putting on their “healthy” salads are adding way more calories than they think. That is why meal planning is so important to your success. But planning your meals also helps you develop discipline to say "no" to the things we all know we shouldn't put into our body's.  Chisel provides a simple format that helps you set nutritional goals for each week and maintain whatever diet you're on. 

Meal planning helps you eat healthier, helps you shop more efficiently, save money, and allow you to enjoy a variety of healthy foods. Don't forget that planning and tracking helps you accelerate your results.

Weekly Check Ins
It is really important to have a goal and to have a vision but also to check win regularly to ensure you maintain steady progress. This is why we recommend that you sit down once a week, reflect on your progress from the past week, and then make adjustments to your weekly routine so that you can hit your 90 day goals.

Major Muscle Group Diagrams
I can’t remember everything from my high school biology class. Thank goodness for this major muscle group diagram to help me understand which muscles I am working.

Before/After Photo
Your before photo will mark the beginning of an important transformation in your life. It will mark the existence of a new YOU!

The before/after photo could be a far greater inspiration and motivation than just measurements alone, especially because the “after” photo is great motivation to keep pushing yourself every day of the week. This planner will turn into your personal success story to carry you on long after the first 90 days are over.

Sleep Tracking
Good sleep is vital to your fitness routine. We have added a way for you to track your sleep patterns. This will help as you pay attention to what your body is doing. Getting enough rest an important factor to getting in shape.

Daily Quotes ""
Staying motivated for 90 days can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if you got words of encouragement from athletes who have been through what you are going through? That is why we have inserted inspirational quotes into the daily pages to help you feel motivated after a killer workout.

Tips from the Pros 
There is so much noise out there on what you should be doing to get in shape. To keep things simple, we have taken the advice of the fitness experts, and condensed it down to a few pages that you can actually use. The Chisel Fitness Planer comes with expert fitness tips, specifically tips on weight lifting, running, and losing weight.

4-Month Calender
The Chisel Fitness Planner comes with a 4 month calendar, giving you flexibility to start your 90 day journey whenever you’d like, not just at the beginning of a month.

Fitness Tests
Another great way to see your results is to do some basic fitness tests. We’ve included spaces for you to track your weight lifting maximums, as well any type of aerobic exercise times. Use this space to track your strength gains, or to prepare for your next big race.

Storage Pocket
Each Chisel Fitness Planner comes with a sleek storage pocket located in the back. Use this space to store your gym card, or key. Some people even find it motivating to store an picture of the body they are trying to achieve as motivation to keep pressing on.

You can take a look at the layout page by page here:

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