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Introducing the New Generation Smart Storage Device

Connect CatDrive with a router via Ethernet cable, you can easily store all your digital content in one central place, access and share through the App anywhere with an Internet connection. One time investment, no monthly cloud storage fee ever again. Your wallet will thank you.


Access, Sync & Share Files, Easily and Securely

  • One central place to store all your content
  • Auto backup for photos and videos on your phone
  • On-the-go access with CatDrive app
  • Instantly sync files across all the devices of you own
  • Simple sharing with family and friends
  • Quick and simple setup from your phone
  • File search to find content easily
  • One time investment, no monthly cloud storage fee ever again


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Easy to Use


Store All Family's Data in One Place
Smart Home Data Center

All photos, videos and music from your family’s smart devices can be stored in CatDrive, and be organized automatically. Each one has an independent storage space, invisible to others.


Fast Access and Sync Files Anywhere

Make Work Better

Store and access all your work documents from cellphone or computer, sync on multiple devices. Upload large work files and share with your colleague through “Share Circle” on CatDrive App.

Share Files Never been This Easy & Fast

Use CatDrive App to invite family or friends via SMS, create your private "Share Circle".


Auto Backup Photos and Videos

Fast back up tons of photos, videos to CatDrive. Start the “Album Backup”, back up to the  latest photos automatically. Never worry about your photos lost or run out of memory.



Sleek Design

It looks good wherever you put it


Tech Specs

  • Fast upload photos and videos on your cellphone to CatDrive from anywhere;
  • Photo roll and Full-screen photo bring a perfect visual experience;
  • Super file browser--One click to view photos, videos,documents without open with other apps;
  • Share photos with family over "Share Circle" or share on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  • Auto backup for photos and videos on your phone..


Much Save Money, No Monthly Fees





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What's In the Box?

Product in the foundry of Apple


Halos Team

Halos AI Inc. is an innovative technology company provides state-of-the-art intelligent storage products and services for individuals, families and small businesses. With the applications of the internet, hardware and AI technology, Halos enables users to store and share their own photos, videos, music and documents freely and safely so they could be masters of their personal data. “To be the most trustworthy company provides data storage products and services”. Halos redefines the way people store and share digital content and increases emotional and economic value of personal data.


Ready to ship

CatDrive is in mass production and ready to ship.

We are on Track to Deliver

Tech Specs

What is the uniqueness of the technology?
1. Data security protection mechanism.
2. Innovative photo display.
3. Share Circle.

What is the battery life? Hours of continuous use? How to charge?
No battery needed. Plug CatDrive into a power outlet.   

What are the dimensions?

How does it work?
1. Connect CatDrive to a router with an Ethernet cable and plug CatDrive into a power outlet.
2. Search "CatDrive" and download App in your app store.               
3. Bind CatDrive unit with the app in the same WLAN.

What kind of sensors are you using?
Marvell, Dual-core chip. A professional chipset for storage.

How does it integrate with other connected devices?
WiFi & mobile network.

Where is it manufactured?

Setup & Maintenance 

How do I set it up?
1. Connect CatDrive to a router with an Ethernet cable and plug CatDrive into a power outlet.
2. Search "CatDrive" and download App. 
3. SyncCatDrive with "CatDrive" App in the same WLAN.

How do I control it?
Use the "CatDrive" app with an Internet Connection.

What is the care and cleaning of it?
Wipe the dust off the CatDrive with a soft dry cloth.

Safety & Regulation

What are the recommended ages?

Where can I use it?
You can use the "CatDrive" app to access CatDrive anywhere with an internet connection.

What certifications do you have? 

How is my privacy protected? 
The data stored in CatDrive is only visible to you. 

How secure is it?
1. Your personal Data stored safely in one location.
2. Verification code for each profile.
3. Automatic Backup.
4. Anti-Shock HDD.
5. Independent accounts and family sharing

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