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Don't have the moolah for a specialised drip kettle, grinder, brewing apparatus and tumbler? Let the Cafflano Klassic stretch that dollar for you!

  • All in one coffee fix (incorporates a drip kettle, grinder, pour-over filtera and coffee tumbler).  Just add beans!
  • Why clean 4 separate products when you can just clean 1.  A real time saver!
  • Great as a coffeeholic's first venture into home brewing.

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE Cafflano Klassic in Black only!  Limited to the first 7 Grouphunters!  Grab yours now!

Check out our Unboxing + First Impressions video of the Cafflano Klassic on Youtube!
Freshly brewing coffee from whole beans normally requires five to seven different pieces of equipment. It's cumbersome and inconvenient, especially when you're traveling or need something portable. Even typical travel coffee makers still require you to have a grinder, mug and more.

Cafflano Klassic is the first portable coffee maker to integrate nearly everything you need to make an amazing cup of coffee from whole beans into one compact system. 


Grind. Brew. Drink. Repeat.

It starts with Cafflano's top cap, a vessel that holds the hot water you'll need to brew a perfect cup of joe. It's designed to hold a precise 270 mls of water, perfect for a cup of coffee. Best of all, it has a diamond-shaped spout  specifically designed for a perfectly precise pour over coffee experience that will never drip or spill.
A fully adjustable hand mill ceramic burr grinder is integrated into the Cafflano Klassic, so you can freshly grind your favorite beans at your preferred coarseness. The unique grinder features a patented foldaway arm, making it the most compact grinder on the market. It also features raised lines on the inside so you know exactly how much coffee you're using without having to carry around a scale. Cafflano's grinder is so compact and portable, you'll want to travel with it everywhere. 
Typical metal filters are either a flimsy steel mesh or etched with large holes, allowing grit to pass through. The Cafflano's stainless steel micro-filter is precision etched using technology typically reserved for microchip manufacturing.

The result is that all of your coffee's natural oils and aromatics remain intact while the grit is filtered out. It's a portable pour over brewing system with unmatched precision. Best of all, it's super easy to clean and is virtually waste-free — no filters, pods or packets are left to throw out after you're done.
The base of the Cafflano Klassic is its beautiful tumbler cup. It's insulated to keep your drinks warm, while comfortably fitting two serving of coffee. That means after using the brewer, you can pour the coffee into your favorite mug or drink straight from the tumbler, up to you.
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