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An upgraded version of the best travel pillow in the world. Featuring cool-air circulation with the same proprietary dual-density memory foam.

The patent-pending, groundbreaking Evolution Cool neck pillow will turn heads while yours rests comfortably, right where you want it. Innovative cooling vents, a magnetic toggle for a custom fit, and pillowy soft dual-density memory foam provide you with First-Class serenity, support, and comfort.

With this stylish, slim, and supportive pillow, traveling in comfort just got a whole lot better. This is what cool feels like.



We've got extremely limited units of the Cabeau Evolution Cools this time round, and are releasing it first to our travel community. Act quick to reserve yours, we only have 8 pieces per colour available!

The Evolution Cool comes in 4 On-Trend Colors.

Make this the world's coolest travel pillow and you the envy of other travelers.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Any news on delivery?
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  • yanhan
    Hey Scarlettelily :) Let us know how the Cool works out for you. We can trade our pillows (I've got the Evolution) and do a field test!
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  • liyang29
    Can we run this hunt again? I wanted to purchase 1 but did not do it in time.
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • scarlettelily
    Does anyone have any idea how this compares to the regular Evolution Pillow and whether its really worth the extra $40? Both in terms of comfort and in terms of size when compressed.
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  • thebuyer
    Cant we get more titanium color pillow?
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  • felixw
    An upgraded version of the best travel pillow ever
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