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We’re no longer just commuters, students, freelancers, photographers, or travelers. We are all the above. We live active lifestyles and our backpacks should too. 

The motivation behind the Hadley Series is simple: Everyday backpacks are obtrusive and don’t offer function for your active life. 

Our solution? Lightweight, compact functional everyday backpacks.

Designed for: commuters, students, freelancers, photographers, and travelers. (We happen to be all the above). 





Don't let weight hold you back. Each bag (without insert) weighs only 1.3-1.5 pounds. Add an insert and you're still below 2.5 pounds. That's significantly (yes, in statistical terms) less than competing backpacks.









Have options.

Hold your camera or other valuable / quick access equipment in our protective insert.

One insert fits all three backpacks.

Instantly remove the protective insert to free up space or to take your equipment on the go.  




Easy front door access secured by waterproof zippers
Easy front door access secured by waterproof zippers


Top access for ultimate convenience
Top access for ultimate convenience


Our straps are the coolest. Designed to move quickly from your camera to your removable insert - all by secure magnet. 

Easy and Secure Magnetic Buckles
Easy and Secure Magnetic Buckles


Our camera straps are compatible with our insert!
Our camera straps are compatible with our insert!




Elliot, Brandon, and Dylan are three brothers from Boston. They started Brevitē while attending three different colleges hundreds of miles from one another. The idea grew out of Dylan's frustration with current camera backpacks on the market. Convinced that together with their unique experiences they could make the perfect team, the three brothers set out to create Brevitē. Since then, Dylan and Elliot have pursued Brevitē in New York City while Brandon is completing his Masters of Industrial Design (18’) at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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