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  • The wallet's size is a little more than a credit card or a double-folded bill. BORDO mini is no bigger in size than what you put in it.
  • Need a coin slot? Choose between a coin slot, card slot or a transparent slot! 
  • The fun doesn't stop there! Are you a left hander who struggles to find wallets that work your way? The BORDO works both ways! Whether you are a leftie or a rightie, we can still have fun! 
  • Each BORDO is also carefully and proudly made! 

Grouphunt deal includes a Bordo Mini wallet in a color and back slot of your choice. 






That the first, that the second BORDO mini at the time of its creation seemed to me to be ideal. But eventually I realized that this is just an illusion. If you are constantly developing and improving, then after a while your past products seem not so ideal. But I think it should be so. This is the result of development. This is how evolution takes place...

    In fact, doing something different is not so easy. Sometimes this is a titanic work, discipline and a lot of patience to try again and again. And do you know what motivates us to continue at such moments?

    It is YOU! The person who writes that he can’t wait for his wallet. The person who says that his product was taken by his son because it is so cool and he wants to order one more. All your feedbacks are such a big charge of energy. We have even made a map for ourselves marking the places where our backers live. It's just incredible! Thank you for believing in me and in BORDO!

Where are our backers from
Where are our backers from

    I carefully read your every message, comment and feedback. It really helped to make what you will see below. 

    It seems to me that this is not BORDO mini 3. It's just BORDO mini. So it was supposed to be originally! But what’s done is done. You can’t make a bicycle without inventing a wheel. And the first and the second BORDO mini have formed the basis of this.

    We did the best we could. Now BORDO mini is dozens of times more perfect. Even more qualitative, more capacious and more convenient, more beautiful and functional. We have improved not only BORDO mini, but the whole set has become better. But let's start from the very beginning…



All colors BORDO mini
All colors BORDO mini



    The size of BORDO mini is one of its main advantages, it's our pride! The wallet's size is a little more than a credit card or a double-folded bill. BORDO mini is no bigger in size than what you put in it.




BORDO mini is ideal for bills of any kind and denomination
BORDO mini is ideal for bills of any kind and denomination

    At the same time, an incredibly small wallet size does not affect its capacity. It accommodates a minimum of 20 bills, 10 cards and a little more coins. And, of course, it is ideal for bills of any kind and denomination.


    Inside there is a main slot for cards, which at the same time is a holder for bills. And the cards are securely fixed with elastic band, which is sewed between the layers of the skin. It is very practical and convenient.

    The slot for card holds the form perfectly and almost doesn't bend under the weight of the cards. It can accommodate even 10 or more cards and at the same time reliably keep your bills.

    One of the most interesting advantages of such a slot for cards is that you don't need to open a wallet every time you need your cards. This can be done even when the wallet is closed!




    We did our best to make BORDO mini as functional as possible. That's why we added an optional slot of your choice: it can be either an additional slot for card or a slot for coins. Choose what you like best!

Slot for coins and a slot for cards
Slot for coins and a slot for cards



    Even the maximum fullness of the wallet doesn't affect its size and thickness. You will find where to put it even if you are almost no clothes.



    We have taken care for the convenience for each person, so BORDO mini will be made for both the left-hander and the right-hander. I think it is very unfair that most of the wallets are made only for the right-handers.

    Moreover, BORDO mini can be opened with almost one hand! Cool, isn’t it?



    I think you are interested in knowing what materials BORDO mini was created from.
  • Genuine Italian leather of the best quality. For many years we have been working with this material and made sure that it is perfect for the wallet, as the leather is strong and durable material. Even after a long time your BORDO mini will look even better than the new one!
  • RFID-protection. This is exactly what you repeatedly asked us to add. It's done! Now you can be sure about the safety of your personal data. The entire wallet, except for an additional slot for cards or a slot for coins, is RFID-protected!
  • High quality fabric with Tartan pattern. Through experiments and research, we realized that this fabric is ideal for BORDO mini. It doesn't increase its thickness and allows it to keep its shape better. And what is more important, it looks amazing with BORDO mini.
  • High quality fittings that will ensure a long period of using your wallet! This, perhaps, is one of the most important details of any product. We have devoted a lot of time to choose and test fittings to be sure of its quality.


    Each product is completely handmade. We pay special attention to every detail, so we are so confident in the quality of each product.

    You will receive your BORDO mini in brand packaging. This not only ensures safety during transportation, but also looks beautiful and stylish and is perfect for a gift.


Packing BORDO mini
Packing BORDO mini


Packing BORDO mini
Packing BORDO mini



    We tried to make BORDO mini as functional as possible. You have a possibility to choose from 6 colors of leather for your wallet, key fold and cable organizer. It can be opened to the right or left side. And also there is a choice of an additional slot: a slot for cards or a slot for coins. All these you can choose in the survey after the completion of the project.

The stretch goal for beige color is not yet unlocked, will be unlocked at $40k (currently at $30k). If the stretch goal is not unlocked, we will email those who chose beige separately to ask for their new color change.






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