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Introducing Boolsa, the anti-theft smart backpack with 20 innovative features designed for the modern-day road warrior. 



What makes Boolsa Special

Even if you are separated from your bag temporarily, you can arm the Boolsa ’s security alarm via the app: with a touch of a button, you’ll know if someone moves or tries to open your bag. 


When wearing the Boolsa Backpack on your back, the bus, or the subway, you can activate this mode to receive a notification or sound an alert if someone tries to disturb the contents of your bag or the bag itself.


All of Boolsa’s awesome security features can be armed or disarmed automatically -- by your presence! All you have to do is simply be within range of your Boolsa Backpack.


Built-in 10,000 mA battery with no-hassle cable holder. Using a chipset from world-renowned Texas Instruments, the device has over 10 types of protection for the circuitry, making it perfect for on-the-go use and with enough capacity to charge an iPhone7 over 3.5x times.


 In an emergency, pressing the panic button will sound the alarm and an SOS message with your location info will be sent to your designated emergency contact.


The LED light strip lights up whenever an alert is activated or it can be turned on for additional safety in the dark. 


Even if you misplace your Boolsa, don’t worry, your smartphone will show you the last known location on a map so you’ll know exactly where you left it.


Once you register your Boolsa using your email address and password, it’s secured for life. Even if your bag is stolen, the thief will not be able to access the features, and you will receive a notification with the location info if unauthorized access occurs.


Use your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection to remind you whenever your bag leaves your vicinity, so you won't have to worry about losing your belongings ever again. 


When going out for a casual event, or simply a stroll, use the detachable grip bag to carry the essentials. No more need for moving your belongings to a separate tote to carry, and no need to pack an extra casual bag when on a business trip.




The German-engineered Fidlock magnetic snap buckle keeps things secure while maintaining ease of use. 


With Boolsa’s checkpoint friendly design, there’s no need for removing your laptop at airport security checkpoints. Simply open the pouch 180 degrees, and you’ll breeze through security and be on to your way to your next destination.

Disclaimer: The video above is to demonstrate how a checkpoint friendly bag works. To fully comply with TSA guidelines, the Boosla Backpack will be partially modified in mass production.
Disclaimer: The video above is to demonstrate how a checkpoint friendly bag works. To fully comply with TSA guidelines, the Boosla Backpack will be partially modified in mass production.


To ensure the safety of your laptop or tablet, the Boolsa backpack comes with special corner guards, meaning impacts and drops won’t affect your valuable electronics. 


A sleek exterior, made of Cordura fabric, protects your belongings in style. It also protects them from abrasion up to 70% better than conventional fabrics. AND we incorporated Japanese YKK zippers, which function smoothly, are water-resistant and are long-lasting.


Stay organized with Boolsa’s multitude of storage and organization compartments. Enough for a 15” laptop, iPad, water bottle, pens, umbrella, headphone, chargers, glasses, clothes, shoes and more. 


Boolsa’s hidden pockets mean you can stash some extra cash or credit cards in case of an emergency.


The Boolsa has an expertly-designed center of gravity that allows it to remain upright like travel luggage, saving space and making accessing your belongings that much easier.  


There’s no need for a separate gym bag with the Boolsa; a separate shoe compartment allows you to stash an extra pair of footwear and keep the rest of the bag odor-free.  


By distributing the weight evenly across your shoulders, you’ll be able to carry the backpack longer and feel much freer. Multi-directional air flow tunnels provide ventilation and keep your back dry at all times.


The lining is made of 100% recycled PET yarn from plastic bottles; saving energy, waste water, & air pollution. The earth and polar bears will thank you for your pledge!!




Prototype demonstration 





The Smart Device is the hardware unit of the Boolsa backpack. Integrated with sensors, siren, BLE, and li-on battery, it enables all of the software, app, and security features. The Smart Device hardware is available only in the standard Boolsa version.

The standard Boolsa level includes all of the smart features with the smartphone app. For a comparison with the Boolsa Lite level, please refer to the chart:


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DISCOVERED BY ... Chan Jian Wei

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