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The Boncho is available on Kickstarter for S$138 - we're Grouphunting it for 15% off! This hunt is limited to a group of 10, so join in quick to reserve your spot!


Every day, bad weather deters countless people around the world from riding their bikes. At VANMOOF we are committed to remove all barriers to biking so we created a unique solution to enjoy riding even when it rains. Meet the Boncho, a full-body bike poncho.


BONCHO uses a unique folding structure, similar to pop up tents. The folding and unfolding is easy, making the package very small and thin, easy to carry inside almost every bag.


We will use material and technology from the outdoor industry - strong, stylish, weatherproof and breathable.


When it?s raining the body easily becomes hot and sweaty. The BONCHO is open from underneath, and ultra-breathable.


Founded in 2009 in Amsterdam by brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, VANMOOF has only ever had one aim - to create the world's best bikes for city commuting and take them to the people. The brothers have re-imagined how a bike should work in the cities of tomorrow by stripping out unnecessary parts, improving the essentials, and integrated technology to stick it to bike thieves. With the robust, minimalistic, aluminum bikes, the brand breaks new ground in disruptive commuting worldwide. VANMOOF has gained international plaudits for innovative and functional design, among them the EUROBIKE award, the Dutch Design Award, RED DOT design award and the Fast Company Innovation by Design award. And the brand has a habit of forging partnerships with the best global technology leaders, including ABUS, Google, Philips, and Vodafone. VANMOOF riders can be found in cities all over the world, just type #vanmoof into Instagram and you will see them. The brand also has an ever growing network of Brandstores; currently Brooklyn, Berlin, Amsterdam and Taipei. The VANMOOF team is obsessed by removing all the barriers that stop people commuting by bike, and bad weather is one of the big ones, ever for us! Which is why we are so excited to bring you the BONCHO.



We tried the BONCHO on different types of bikes such as racing bikes and folding bikes, and of course our very own lovely VANMOOF bikes. The BONCHO is very flexible and fits to all the bikes we tried. We believe that the BONCHO will fit any bike that follows the standard bike designs with a handle bar in front of the seat. It's also designed to fit helmets - The smaller helmets will fit under the hood, and the bigger helmets can easily go on top. And a small advantage: a helmet on top will keep your hood better in place when you have a strong head-wind.

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