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The water bottle has become a staple in the daily lives of millions of people, but with your pockets and hands already full, it can become one more item to keep track of as part of your everyday carry. With Bindle Bottle’s integrated storage compartment and dual-walled design, your drink will stay cold for hours and your hands will stay free.








Adventure seekers, cyclists, runners, festival & beach-goers, busy moms, students, and everyone in between… listen up because this bottle is for you.

What if you could keep your drink close and your essentials even closer without anyone knowing? Each Bindle Bottle holds 24 ounces of liquid up top and provides 450 cubic centimeters of watertight, secure storage space for your valuables in the bottom compartment. Simply unscrew the bottom cap, place your essentials inside and rest easy knowing that your stuff - and your hydration – will be within arm’s reach when you need it. 


Innovation and simplicity were the two guiding product principles that drove the creation of Bindle Bottle, and our goal was to create a product that’s both convenient and practical. Yogis – stash your keys, cards and lip balm in the hidden compartment. Cyclists – keep all of your essentials in one place and ride with the comfort of having nothing in your pockets. Festival goers, frolic freely and rest easy knowing that you only have to worry about keeping up with one item instead of ten.




Each Bindle Bottle is made from highly durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and 100% BPA-free materials. With its dual-walled, vacuum-insulated construction, your drinks will stay cold – or hot – for hours on end. The storage compartment is waterproof and scent-proof for added safety and security.



We believe in simplicity: less is oftentimes more in today’s fast-paced world. Developing smarter systems to help organize your life is key to our mission. Bindle embodies old-school utility: no flashing lights, no push notifications, no need to program it – the only thing you need to remember is our simple formula of “hydration + storage = hands-free happiness”.


The materials, shape and structure of the Bindle Bottle are there because you need them and because they work. When you buy one (or more), you’re getting a lightweight, durable accessory that gives you ultimate freedom with your everyday carry.











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