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Beat Jet-Lag Before It Begins

The Midnight Magic™ Sleep Mask is designed to provide a custom fit, which is fully
adjustable to your unique facial features + desired level of darkness (from twilight to
blackout). Rounded inner liners keep the mask from pressing on your eyelids, while
its lightweight design is highly portable, comfortable, and looks good on everyone.

Adjust your fit + darkness level

The padded aluminum nose strip lets you
customize the fit for your desired level of darkness.

Won’t press against your eyes

Inner rounded eye liners keep the fabric
away from your eyelids as you sleep.

Silky soft + comfortable

Plush fabric covers the inside and outside
of the mask for a gentle, comfortable fit.

No more elastic lines

Adjustable elastic-free straps hold the mask
in place, and won’t tug or snag your hair.

Memory foam earplugs

Block out ambient noise for more restful sleep, then
store and seal inside the side sleep mask pocket.

SLEEP MASK: Length=26.75″ / Height=3.5″ / Thickness=0.75″ / Weight=1 oz
MATERIALS: 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton
BRIDGE: 100% Aluminum (Padded)


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  • The Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask offers a uniquely contoured fit with its silky smooth fabric for optimum comfort, support, and sleep. Pull out this ultra lightweight and comfortable sleep mask anywhere- in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, or while camping for uninterrupted sleep. Exposure to light during sleep interferes with your sleep cycle preventing you from a deep night’s rest. When you need to function at your best, this mask is your own personal black-out curtain. The soft adjustable fabric helps the Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask avoid “bed head” lines while allowing you to drift quietly and peacefully into sleep. The Cabeau Midnight Magic Adjustable Travel Sleep Mask comes complete with memory foam sleeping earplugs that fit conveniently in the eye cover pocket for noise-cancelling bliss.

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