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Grouphunt deal features the Shell & Sleeve Bundle 2, which includes 1x 4 pack AA SmartSleeves, 1x 4 pack AA SmartShells, 1x 4 pack AAA SmartSleeves, 1x 2 pack C SmartShells, 1x 2 pack D SmartShells 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use the products?

The ReBoost SmartSleeves are micro-thin sleeves designed to easily slip over regular rechargeable batteries and still fit into most devices. You just apply the sleeve and put the battery equipped with the sleeve into your device and use the device like normal.

The ReBoost SmartShell is an innovative capsule that allows you to use your spare rechargeable AA and AAAs in C and D applications. Just insert 4 AAA into the C SmartShell, and 3 AA into the D SmartShell and the capsule will function just like a regular C or D battery, except with more battery life and improved performance. We also have a AA SmartShell, that uses 1 AAA battery. It is exactly the size of a AA battery, so we recommend using this in place of the AA SmartSleeve if there is any fit issues. 

Do I recharge my rechargeable batteries while they are inside the ReBoost products?

No, you should take your rechargeable batteries out to recharge them. Only use the ReBoost products with the batteries when you are using them in devices.

Can I use the products with disposable batteries or only rechargeable batteries?

The ReBoost product line is designed to work optimally with rechargeable batteries, but can be used with disposable batteries. If you are interested in products that are made specifically for disposable batteries, you can look into the Batteroo Boost line at our website

What does the SmartChip Technology do?

The intelligent, micro-circuit technology embedded in Batteroo ReBoost:

1. Boosts the low voltage levels in rechargeable batteries to regular disposable battery-supported levels to improve the range of devices that can be powered by rechargeable batteries. By safely boosting this voltage, rechargeable batteries will experience improved performance in devices like motorized toys and flashlights.

2. Has a built-in automatic shut-off circuit to prevent devices from discharging the rechargeable battery to dangerous levels and avoiding damage to the battery, and most importantly, the device that they’re used in.

What is the difference between the SmartShell and the SmartSleeve?

The ReBoost SmartSleeve is a micro-thin sleeve that is placed over your AAA, AA, C and D rechargeable batteries to safely boost their voltage, enabling them to work in all of your devices that only used to support disposable batteries. The SmartSleeves also have circuitry to prevent devices from drawing current below the battery’s recommended operating threshold.

The ReBoost SmartShell is an innovative capsule that is the exact size of a regular AA, C and D battery, but uses different model size batteries within. You insert up to 3 AA batteries into a D SmartShell, up to 4 AAA batteries into a C SmartShell, and one AAA battery into your AA SmartShell. The SmartShell has the same built-in microcircuit technology as the SmartSleeve that safely boosts voltage and prevents damage to the battery and your device from deep discharge, which allows rechargeable batteries to be used in all battery applications.

Both ReBoost SmartSleeve and SmartShell provide improved performance and safe, built-in shut off circuits so you can use rechargeables in all your devices with confidence.

How do I choose between a SmartSleeve and a SmartShell?

For devices that use C and D batteries:

 If you already have C and D rechargeable batteries, pair them with ReBoost SmartSleeves that will allow them to be used in all battery applications safely and with optimal performance.

● If you don’t have C and D rechargeable batteries already, you can purchase ReBoost SmartShells which would allow you to just use your AAA and AA rechargeable batteries and enjoy improved battery life and performance unavailable to you when using regular C or D rechargeable batteries.

For devices that use AA batteries:

● We recommend buying AA SmartSleeves for typical cases where the standard battery compartment is not too narrow or tight.

● In cases where the battery compartment is very tight, and even regular batteries have a tight fit, we recommend purchasing the AA SmartShell. The AA SmartShell is the same size as standard AA batteries, but uses only one AAA battery.

For devices that use AAA batteries:

● We recommend pairing your AAA batteries with the ReBoost SmartSleeve.

Will these products fit into all my devices?

The ReBoost SmartShell is the same size as corresponding standard battery sizes on the market today for AA, C and D batteries, so it should fit any device a regular sized battery would fit into.

By placing the SmartSleeve on the rechargeable battery, the overall size of the battery is increased by only 0.5 millimeters, about the thickness of your fingernail. While that increase in size, albeit very small, would work in the vast majority of devices, it may make it difficult or impractical to fit into tight battery compartments.

Since we cannot comment on all sizes and types of devices, the amount of pressure required to insert the battery with the SmartSleeve may be a good indicator of any potential fit issues. We will continuously collect and post devices that experience fit issues over time based on our customer feedback.

In those devices with very tight battery compartments, we recommend using ReBoost SmartShells that resemble the exact size of AA, C and D batteries, negating any fit issues.

Which brands of batteries work best with Batteroo ReBoost?

Batteroo ReBoost is designed to be compatible with all major brands of batteries.

What are your shipping options?

We ship our products internationally. Please see your desired perk for shipping prices to Canada, U.S, and the rest of the world.

If you are outside of the U.S. there may be additional customs fees applied. Contact your customs office for information about possible fees your order might incur.

How will ReBoost SmartSleeves allow my devices to perform better?

The voltage level provided by a rechargeable battery is around 1.2v as opposed to 1.5v in disposable batteries. Many devices’ performance is related to the voltage level of the battery. Take a flashlight or a laser pointer as an example -- the intensity of the light or the laser is proportional to the level of voltage from the battery. A disposable battery starts at 1.5v and has a brighter light than those of a rechargeable. Batteroo ReBoost would boost the voltage of the rechargeable to that of a disposable battery and will provide superior performance right from the get go. However, Batteroo ReBoost doesn’t stop there. Although disposable batteries usually start up at 1.5v, this voltage drops pretty rapidly to 1.2v and below after only a short amount of time, limiting the performance potential of your device. To that point, the rechargeables stay at 1.2v much longer than disposables. Batteroo ReBoost combines the best of both worlds by enabling the battery to start at the high performance of disposables, while maintaining this optimal performance (level of brightness for flashlights), for the entire time that the rechargeable has power above its safe level. Ultimately, Batteroo ReBoost brings together the peak performance of disposables with the reusability of rechargeables for a more cost effective and environmentally conscious solution.

What makes the ReBoost SmartShell different than other battery adaptors on the market?

The ReBoost SmartShell has intelligent, built-in micro-circuit technology that would boost the voltage of the rechargeable battery, typically 1.2v, to alkaline levels, providing higher performance than regular rechargeable batteries. It also contains Smart Voltage Detection technology to prevent the device from discharging the voltage too low, preventing any damage to the battery and your device. This technology is unparalleled across other battery adaptors on the market today; other battery adaptors only provide the physical container to hold the batteries, with no intelligent circuitry.

Why can’t I use my rechargeable batteries in all of my devices?

The first reason why many manufacturers include the warning “Do Not Use Rechargeable Batteries” on their devices has to do with the output voltage of 1.2v for rechargeables as opposed to 1.5v for alkaline batteries. Some devices would not function at all because they require a higher voltage to operate. While other devices may work, they will perform at a sub-optimal level because of the low voltage of the rechargeable battery (think of a flashlight with a dull beam, even with a fully charged rechargeable battery).

Another imperative reason manufacturers advise against using rechargeable batteries is due to the fact that if a device is not designed to operate with a rechargeable battery, using them together could damage the battery and potentially the device itself. Batteroo ReBoost SmartSleeve enables rechargeable batteries to work in any and all battery applications by safely converting the output voltage to disposables’ levels as well as providing the necessary intelligent circuitry to avoid damaging the rechargeable batteries.

What are the dangers of using rechargeables in all my devices? How does Batteroo ReBoost prevent these dangers?

The chemical makeup in most rechargeable batteries is configured to have a specific threshold where the device should stop drawing current from, but most devices aren’t designed to accommodate rechargeable batteries, so they continue to use the batteries past this threshold. This can damage the battery by lowering its ability to hold its charge and reduces the number of times the battery can be charged, as well as damaging the battery, which can potentially lead to chemical leaks or even fires. To avoid these issues, Batteroo SmartSleeve has Smart Voltage Detection that “turns off” the battery when the device attempts to discharge to a dangerous level, protecting your expensive battery as well as your device.

How do I know if my device only supports disposable batteries?

The warning to not use rechargeable batteries in your devices is usually found in the user manual of your device, or deep in the fine print on the packaging. If you have access to your device’s user manual online, simply do a quick search for ‘do not use rechargeable batteries’ to discover more information. Even if this warning is not explicitly mentioned, using rechargeable batteries in devices that normally operate on disposable batteries isn’t a great idea, because of the hazards that arise from the device discharging the rechargeable battery to dangerous levels.

Batteroo has also engineered micro-circuit technology for alkaline batteries that extends battery life and performance, Batteroo Boost! These are distinguished by their red color. Find out more information at

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