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Do you want to guarantee the smoothest and simplest traveling experiences of your life? Wouldn’t you like your luggage to come with a lexicon of convenient, helpful features such as collapsibility and an ergonomic handle? Can you see yourself with a suitcase powered to provide you with on-the-go USB charging capabilities and the convenience of a built-in adjustable tray?
Introducing Barracuda, a groundbreaking carry-on that combines singular design with unique and practical features, simplifying and upgrading your travel experience to premium class.
We need 5 orders for this hunt to go through and we have limited stocks for certain colour options (scroll down to see options) so tell your friends and act quick!

It’s important to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. That’s why we set out to design a one-of-a-kind suitcase to reflect the needs and desires of the individual modern go-getter. Barracuda’s distinctive design comes complete with exclusive benefits included to enhance all your trips to the airport.

Colour Options

Midnight Black

Pure Gold

Dragon Red

Silver Gray

Azure Blue

The Barracuda’s bonus features weren’t included simply to make your luggage stand out amongst the crowd; we’ve added these features to make your travel time easier, smoother, and altogether more convenient.

Storing your luggage away when you aren’t using it can be an uphill battle—especially if you don’t have a lot of space where you’re staying or where you’re living. That is why we’ve designed Barracuda with a collapsible function. The Barracuda will easily transform from its rugged, hard-side state to a collapsed and folded state. Within 10 seconds, you can collapse the Barracuda and slip it under the bed or behind a couch. It’s as quick and easy as folding up and putting away a beach towel.

Life doesn’t stop and start at the convenience of the hustle-and-bustle of airports. When you find yourself with several hours to spare between flights, you may still need to send out that important work e-mail or find a way to keep the kids entertained. All you have to do is pull out the Barracuda’s built-in, height-adjustable tray so you can pop your laptop down in a safe place. Whether you’re still working or you’re kicking back to watch a movie, use the tray to keep your laptop safe and sturdy—and simply fold up the tray into the handle when you no longer need it.

The entire handle frame including the tray will be made out of rigid but lightweight materials like aircraft grade aluminum to ensure it is both solid and lightweight.

When you find yourself in a hurry to arrive at the gate before takeoff, dragging your luggage along isn’t always easy. We envisioned a brand-new, revolutionary, ergonomic handle, giving the Barracuda added accessibility and convenience. Now, your carry-on will move wherever you move without a stiff handle cramping your movement or risking an injury when you’re pulling your bags in a hurry. Our ergonomic handle provides elegance and ease to all your airport trips. 

The entire handle frame including the handle will be made out of rigid but lightweight materials like aircraft grade aluminum to ensure it is both solid and lightweight.

If your phone is low on battery in the middle of a lengthy layover, you may need to charge it ASAP—especially if you need to stay in touch with friends, family, or work colleagues. With our built-in USB charger, you can refill the battery in no time, keeping you connected and providing you on-the-go access to your e-mails, apps, music, and games. 

Barracuda uses advanced GSM-GPRS technology for location tracking. Any connected device can then be used to track the location of your Barracuda. 

This feature is available as an upgrade which is sold separately. For this hunt, we are not offering this feature. 


It shouldn’t be a struggle to grab your laptop from your carry-on. The Barracuda comes with an easy-open flap, making it simpler than ever to slip open your luggage and grab the items most important to you when you’re killing time on a long flight.

The Barracuda is not only simple, elegant, and unique—it’s also strong. A good suitcase should last you a lifetime, especially if you’re a regular traveler. That is why we spared no expense in constructing the Barracuda out of materials like ballistic nylon and aircraft grade aluminum. The Barracuda has been built to withstand the harsh weathers of any traveling experience, keeping you sane and serene during the most stressful times of any journey.

Also comes with a TSA-Approved Combination lock




Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • izarawi
    Is it confirmed that we can this by end of February?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Hey izarawi - yes! If we manage to hit the minimum order, we'll be able to fulfill by end Feb =)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • izarawi
    Is it confirmed that we can this by end of February?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • izarawi
    Is it confirmed that we can this by end of February?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • liz
    Thank you. Im keeping my fingers crossed.
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • joelleong
    Hey LIZ! Thanks for sharing in the excitement =) We're in touch with Barracuda and are looking forward to get something going. Stay tuned!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • liz
    fingers crossed the deal is on.
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • liz
    i really hope the group hunt team are able to secure a good deal on this item. been wanting really bad to try it but it's a little over my budget. :) Hoping for a good turn out. but either way... cheers! :)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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