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  • World's first wearable weights that are both functional and fashionable 
  • Wear them around the house and go about your daily chores without feeling the burden and still look pretty! 

Grouphunt deal features ONE SET of Bala Bangles in your desired color

Do note that the colors offered currently are Blue, Charcoal, Pink, Green, Black, Purple, Yellow. The 7 chakra colors are stretch goals. We will send out an email following the end of the campaign should the stretch goal be unlocked :)

We need 10 orders for this hunt to proceed so gather your people and look pretty together! 



Bala Bangles are the world's first wearable weights that are both functional and fashionable. 

At just one pound a piece they add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout, helping to burn fat and build muscle. 



For thousands of years, yogic techniques have been used to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Unlike exercises solely focused on brute strength, yoga is not simply about repetition but form and elongation. 

While traditional dumbbells are often used in classes, they limit the full expression of your pose and practice. And interrupt your flow each and every time you pick them up or put them down.

Not unlike a ballerina, a skilled yogi has expressive hands. 

 And complete control of breath and body.


Use Bala Bangles to add resistance to any workout during which you'd like the use of your hands. 

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Circuit training
  • Climbing
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

What's more, you can wear them around the house to reap reward with minimal effort. 


Using light weight while working out has been scientifically proven to increase heart-rate and caloric burn. So you'll gain muscle and lose weight faster. 

Enjoy noticeable results with a time-tested approach. 


There's only so much time in the day. For many, it's not easy to fit a workout until your already busy schedule. With only so much time in the day, you want to make the most of your workout.

The weights of old were in need of an upgrade. Traditional dumbbells build strength. But otherwise prevent you from using your hands. While they intensify your workout in some ways, they limit it in others. 

Then there's the old-school wrist weights from the 80s. They were quite the fashion statement. The neoprene casing filled with iron filing were clunky and loose. And in desperate need of an upgrade.

The design challenge was twofold. First, we needed to develop a comfortable one-size-fits-all solution that wouldn't slip or slide. But it also had to look great.


Just enough weight. Generally speaking, balance is achieved through sustained resistance vs. short bursts of activity. Bala Bangles are just a single pound each, the equivalent of a can of beans. But – over the duration of an hour-long workout – you'll feel their effect. And – over the course of weeks of use – feel stronger as a result. 

For casual and avid athletes alike. Men and women. Wear them on your wrists. Wear them on your ankles.  

Simple by design. Stylishly so. 


Bala Bangles are meticulously designed with high-quality fitness materials.

  • Cast-iron. Each bar has a custom-molded cast-iron insert, the same material you'd find in a gym.
  • Silicone. The medical-grade silicone skin makes them resistant to sweat and dishwasher safe.
  • Elastic. With a one-sized-fits-all elastic binding, they are comfy, ergonomic, and won’t slip. Not even a little. 

The result is a comfortable and attractive wearable weight – the world's first. 


  • The perfect travel companion. Stay fit while traveling. Relatively lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • More sanitary. The dumbbells at your local studio are handled dozens of times a day. Bala is made of dishwasher-safe medical-grade silicone so they stay fresh all day, every day.  
  • Time is of the essence. Short on time? Increase the intensity and results of your workout by 2X. 
  • Not just for yoga. Wear them around the house, while hiking, swimming, or running. Perfect for any occasion. 

Made by yogis, for yogis. In Sanskrit, Bala means strength. We’re passionate about designing products that help you make the most of each and every workout. 


Based on feedback from our backers, we're setting a stretch goal of $65,000. If we're successful, we’ll release seven colors – one for each chakra.

Chakras are the centers of spiritual power in the human body, where energy flows. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. 


Time is precious. We appreciate you taking yours to consider supporting Bala Bangles.

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