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Bagram Pack

Bagram Pack Bagram Pack is an Office / Gym / Travel backpack, 3-bags-in-1 bag. Bagram Pack 15 (22 liter capacity, 15 inch laptop storage capacity) and Bagram Pack 17 (30 liter capacity, 17 inch laptop storage capacity).




Bagram Pouch  

The Bagram pouch is made up of four models:  

Bagram L Pouch  

Bagram S Pouch  

RFID BP Pouch: RFID Blocking Passport Pouch  

i Pouch

Bagram L Pouch  

The Bagram L Pouch is designed to store toiletries when traveling, school supplies and cables, books and writing tools that can be used for school or work, and can be used as a pouch, hand carry bag or sling bag depending on the purpose.

Modular Belt  

The modular belt can be attached to BAGRAM pack 15, BAGRAM pack 17 or BAGRAM L Pouch. It is designed to be able to attach multiple small pouches to the modular belt depending on the purpose.

Bagram S Pouch 

The Bagram S Pouch is designed to store and assembled when you need extra space for traveling or non-traveling. Depending on the purpose, it can be attached to the Bagram Pack or modular belt, and designed to be worn on your pants or standard belt.

RFID BP Pouch(RFID Blocking Passport Pouch)  

RFID BP Pouch is an illegal anti-skimming passport pouch that protects important passports, credit cards and wallet from the pickpockets. It can be attached to the belt and designed to be used as a normal pant or hand carry pouch.

i Pouch  

The i Pouch can be used to charge the smartphone while the earbuds are plugged in. The small pouch (cigarette or Altoise neck candy case size) can also store credit cards. Depending on the purpose, it can be attached to the Bagram Pack, the module belt, and it is designed to be used on the normal pants.

ESHENA Magnetic Keychain   

The ESHENA and magnet keychain is easy to attach and detach due to magnetic.


Neoprene Handle  

Neoprene Handle is a removable handle for a comfortable grip and can be attached and detached to any handle in Bagram Pack 15, Bagram Pack 17.


ESHENA Raincover  

The rain cover is enough big to be used when there is no pouch or pouch is attached.



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