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Grouphunt Deal

Headphones designed for an active-lifestyle aren't typically known for actual sound quality. Till now. Get the Axum now for crazy discounts. We need 5 orders for this hunt to proceed so share this with your friends and join the hunt!




It'll never make you stop your workout and adjust your earbuds position 

And . . .

It will NEVER FALL regardless to your ear shape and size 


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What You’ll Receive

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Silicone Jackets—3 Sizes (S, M and L)
  • Silicone Ear Tips—3 Sizes (S, M and L)
  • Foam Ear Tips—3 Sizes (S, M and L)
  • Portable Charging Case
  • Charging Cable For The Case

  • 4 Hours Playtime
  • 90mAh Battery
  • 6 Recharges using the portable charging case
  • Portable Charging Case with 2500mAh
  • Wireless charging
  • Yes ! That’s 24 Hours On-The-Go
  • Full Recharge in 60 minutes



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Adjustable Hook To Fit All Ear Sizes And Shapes

Each set included 3 different sizes of silicone jackets + 3 different sizes of ear tips so you'll definitely find the best combination for you. 

With 9 different size combinations you will definitely find the best fit for you , regardless to your ear size , shape or sport activity you plan to do with it .


One of the most important things to us while creating your Axum earbuds was the fit and to make sure it will NEVER FALL OUT OF YOUR EARS , what's the best way to do it ? TEST , TEST and TEST few more times .. 

So in the last months  we've been trying almost any sport activity that you can think of , such as : crossfit , lifting , cycling , parkour , running and more ...

  • 2 x Built-In microphones , 1 in each earpiece ( Left & Right )
  • Can be used as mono and stereo
  • Omnidirectional Microphone - Cancelling background noises ( wind , street noise ,etc )

Running low on audio juice? No worries—charging our Bluetooth, True Wireless earbuds is as hassle-free as possible. To charge them, simply place them in their Charging Case. There’s a designated space for each bud, but even if your placement is off, magnets bring the earbuds into place so timely charging can begin.


  1. Up to 10 meters range

  1. Will never drop signal
  2. Bluetooth 4.1
  3. put your phone in the pocket , in your bag or on your armband

  1. Perfect Connectivity

  1. Dynamic Driver
  2. CSR Apt-X Codec
  3. 10mm Speaker Driver


Axum Gear: True Wireless Earbuds for Extreme Athletes

Whether pumping iron at the gym or pushing both your body and sanity to the limits at a nearby skate park, extreme athletes are motivated to the max. They expect only the absolute best from themselves. Likewise, the gear they use must perform on a similar level—this is where Axum Gear’s True Wireless earbuds come alive.


Sweat is the stuff of grit, determination and personal resolve, but to make it to the top, you’ll need all the help you can get. Kick tangled wires, poor sound quality and bulky, ill-fitting headphones to the curb. Axum’s take on earbuds was not only designed for extreme athletes, but by extreme athletes. No corner-cutting, here …



When we say “True Wireless,” we mean it. Using Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, our buds allow for complete freedom of movement—no strings (or wires) attached.


Though total domination is the end goal for all fitness gurus and fearless athletes, each is unique. Our earbuds’ Adjustable Hook makes Universal Fit a reality.


You put your body through hell to transform it. Traditional headphones weren’t meant to tag along—our earbuds are small and compact enough to do so.

Quit fumbling with wires—having strategically placed magnets in each charging port, our innovative earbuds fall into proper place and immediately take in energy.


Remember that “charging port” of which was previously made mention? It’s conveniently the case, giving you 4 hours of playtime, and 4 hours of playtime in the case.

Maximizing your athletic output means sweat—lots of it. Liquipel’s Nanotech Waterproof Coating, means your earbuds won’t throw in the towel.

Along with a waterproof nano-coating, our state-of-the-art Silicon Jackets make for the perfect one-two punch. Trust us—these earbuds aren’t falling out anytime soon.

No matter how long you’ve given your mind and body all you’ve got, life happens. Should a call come in, use our Built-In Microphone to keep up.



Technology & Performance Without Wires

Wires are for 90s home phones—not your go-to pair of competitive earbuds. Using the power of Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, our fast-paced audio enhancers are optimized for low-battery use and perform flawlessly within a 10-meter range. 

Under The Hood 

  • Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Built-In Mic
  • Magnetic Hassle-Free charging
  • Waterproof double nanocoating


  • Battery 90mAh
  • Playtime 4 hours
  • Recharge fully in 60 min


  • Dynamic Driver Speaker
  • AptX coded CSR
  • 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance 16 Omh
  • 10mm speaker




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