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Better solutions that reduce waste

In the end we just think there are better solutions and together we can work tirelessly to reduce disposable plastic bottle use and give back to organizations that help protect and provide access to the resources we rely on (and often take for granted) to recreate and give us life.We are driven by this ever-present and unyielding desire to create a superior product that you drink from, while we protect and provide access to our most precious resource, water. It’s what drives our motivation to reduce waste, by ridding the planet of pesky throwaway bottles, and help those who lack a sustained and clean supply of water. We believe this is our greater reason for being

Don't leak, don't waste, give back
AVEX bottles don't leak, period. And they just work, time and time again. They don't waste any of that precious resource be it water or your morning espresso. AVEX bottles also are designed and tested to last, backed by our lifetime guarantee.We continually explore ideas for water bottles and lids that we think would ideally work for outdoor and active users like all of us. We believe superior drink interfaces designed for users like all of us, could actually make drinking water or your morning coffee a better experience. We believe we needed to give back and do something to help protect our precious water resources that inspire us every day.

Prevent spills and keep your eyes on the activity at hand with patent-pending AUTOSPOUT® technology. The one touch spout release makes hydrating easy and clean. Look for it on various water bottles (not available on thermal products).

Prevent spills and leaks, without needing to remove the lid before drinking, with the patented AUTOSEAL® technology.  Simply press the button to chug and release to automatically seal.  Look for it  on a variety of water bottles and thermal products.
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