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Grouphunt deal features ONE ARES Backpack in Grey OR Black


Find yourself carrying a laptop bag, duffel bag and more when heading to work with an intention of squeezing in an exercise? Made for working professionals who are accustomed to weaving workouts into their busy work schedules, the ARES Work + Gym backpack is the perfect companion designed with a professional, yet modern touch for work environments with hidden compartments that make it super durable and versatile for all workout needs!




The ARES Work + Gym Backpack is a versatile and sleek backpack that fits in great at work, with classic fabrics, harmonious design elements and optimized compartments that make it great for a wide range of workout environments as well. Designed with a blend of capacity and support in mind, the ARES backpack provides space for essential work tools such as a laptop, notebook, pens and more, while a hidden compartment houses your gym clothes, a water bottle and other items. There are also separate compartments for shoes and dirty clothing.





In the video the bag was packed with the following items:




If you need to go to the office, fit in a workout and jump on a train all in one day, then you’re going to need a backpack that can do it all. The ARES backpack is designed to fit in at work, but also spacious enough to store your gym kit and overnight essentials. Here is a breakdown of the ARES backpack features.

On the bottom of the bag, we have included a shoe compartment, where you can fit a pair of shoes (1 pair of US size 12 fits comfortably inside). The shoe compartment is isolated from the rest of the bag and is lined with a moisture-resistant nylon and special coating to ensure the smell does not seep through into the other compartments.




Spacious, sturdy and stylish, the ARES backpack comes with a front compartment that is spacious enough to fit all your gym essentials. It is sealed with a water-resistant zipper so your gear stays dry in wet weather.


But what do you do with your dirty clothes once you are done working out? ARES has a hidden compartment built into the gym compartment to store your dirty gym clothes until you get to your final destination. This compartment is also lined with a special coating to prevent any odors from escaping into other compartments.




More compartments, more storage, better organization - you can have it all. The ARES backpack has compartments for all your office essentials from power banks, notebooks and external hard drives, to pens, documents, your passport, keys, USB drives, cables and laptop chargers.


Sometimes you just want quick access to your laptop. This comes especially convenient during security screenings in airports. ARES has a padded laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15" Apple Macbook Pro.



Located on both sides of the bag is a side pocket that expands to carry your water bottle keeping you hydrated in the gym, on the road or in your office space as well as other small items.



If you travel with a roller bag, ARES is the perfect companion. We have built a durable sleeve to fit over the handle of your roller bag.


The exterior of the ARES gym/work bag is durable and made from ultra thin PU coated water-resistant 600 Nylon making each bag 100% waterproof, keeping all your gym and work essentials dry in any weather.  

To add an extra layer of protection, we have also integrated water-resistant zippers into the exterior of the bag to keep your gear protected in the rain and snow.

At the base of the bag, we have included a hidden quick access pocket for your keys, loose change or knick knacks.  


Keep your wallet, metro pass, loose change or keys always within reach with our pocket straps.



At 33 x 19 x 49cm this bag meets domestic and international carry-on standards.

  • Width: 12.9" (33 cm) Depth: 7" (19 cm) Height: 19.2" (49 cm)
  • Volume: 30L

A sternum strap for stability for heavy loads or long trips as well as added comfort and support.

ARES has ergonomic padding to ensure that you can fill up the bag and it won't lose its shape against your back. We also used breathable mesh to reduce the heat the backpack creates against your body.


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