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From the creators of the world’s first levitating light bulb, Swedish design brand FLYTE is on a new mission: to transform our everyday light bulbs into something unique and beautiful.

500 miles from the Arctic Circle, where winters are harsh and light is rare, we journey on a balloon above the clouds on the shortest day of the year, where temperatures drop to -76 F and altitudes reach over 100,000 feet.

Part art, part science project, FLYTE set out on a journey to set the light bulb free, launching ARC to near space to capture light in it's most precious moments : up in the stratosphere.

Here at the edge of earth and space, where light and darkness meet, a new light is born.  

ARC is the latest creation from the Scandinavian design brand FLYTE, known for it's collection of gravity-defying lights, planters, and clocks.

Venturing beyond their range of levitating products, ARC is FLYTE’s first designer LED light bulb, inspired by the Nordic climate and crafted with minimalist precision and stunning efficiency. 



LED technology has made our world brighter and more efficient but let’s face it, not all LEDs are designed responsibly. LED lights are everywhere - often cold and harsh, hurting our eyes when viewed directly.

ARC is like looking into the warm blaze of a fire: it is intended to be appreciated - not just efficient.

With ARC, we can share the message to the world that light bulbs can be both aesthetically beautiful and energy efficient.


 Withstanding the elements, ARC’s energy efficient light emitting diodes have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. That’s about 14 years at 6 hours per day.

Designed for interiors, ARC fits into any E27/E26 socket and is fully dimmable, making it a perfect addition to your home, office, café, bar or restaurant. 

ARC is encapsulated in a shatter-proof polycarbonate shell.

ARC consists of a patented light guide design, which casts light over a curved surface, offering a warm 2200K temperature with varied richness and texture.

Unlike most LED filaments, ARC’s light guide spreads the light, forming different intensities - like a fire keeping us warm at night during our cold winters.






This project would not have been possible without our amazing Flyte team in Stockholm and Riga, our backers, friends and family. Super special thanks to the awesomely talented Steven Liska ( ) for making our best movie ever. David Giertta ( not the DJ :) ) for working many late nights on a custom high-tech space rig that possibly could have reached Mars. Richard Lawrie for the beautiful in-situ and product photography on a tight deadline. Viktorija and Imagehouse for event planning and location in Riga. Nigam Acharya for his knowledge and insight and Dany for engineering a space ready Arc prototype that was capable of operating in intensely cold temperatures and falling from 100,000ft without a scratch, and Thank you Kickstarter team & Backers for supporting and believing in our ideas.

FLYTE is an innovation and design company who’s aim is to create art and design products that inspire people all over the world. 

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