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About this project


Update 4: The Arc Board Featured on Vulcan Post!

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Update 3: The Arc Board Featured on TechnoBuffalo!

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Update 2: The Arc Board Featured on HiConsumption!

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Update 1: The Arc Board Featured on Hardwarezone Singapore!

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Hardwarezone Singapore: Hands-on with the Arc Board, a compact electric skateboard that’s made in Singapore

Featured on

 What is the Arc Board?

The Arc Board is the Most Portable Electric Vehicle in the World. It has been designed and engineered to change the way you move everyday.

Why do I need the Arc Board?

The Arc Board is the Perfect Last Mile Vehicle. It is small and light to be easily carried onto buses and trains, and be powerful enough cover a good distance at an incredible pace.


How do I ride the Arc Board? Is it easy?

The Arc Board is very easy to learn to ride. It is powerful enough to start from a standstill, so just step up onto the Arc Board and apply power to the wireless remote.


How does the Arc Board stack up?

The Arc Board is the most affordable performance electric vehicle available, and the Arc Board uses only the highest quality parts to ensure the it is reliable enough to last for years.

Why should I back you on Kickstarter?

We need your help to make the Arc Board come to life, and we are offering:

  • Lowest ever pricing of $599 USD for the Arc Board
  • Super Fast Singapore Delivery in Dec 2016. 
  • International Delivery in Mar 2017, just in time for Summer (US and EU)
  • ONE YEAR International Warranty (everybody else gets 180 days)

How much is the Arc Board?

Prices listed in the rewards are in Singapore Dollars (SGD), which roughly converts to:

United States: $599 USD, Canada: $769 CAD, European Union: €539 EURO

Can I trust the Arc Board?

You don't have to trust us. Trust our Singapore pre-production customers who have been using the Arc Board and loving it.

 Arc Board featured on


Read on for more about the Arc Board's development journey!

The Arc Board - Smallest, Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World
The Arc Board - Smallest, Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World

The Arc Board is the World's Most Portable Electric Skateboard. It was designed to be an ideal complement to public transport in major cities and urban areas, changing the way people move.

The Arc Board

Portable, yet Powerful
Portable, yet Powerful

The Arc Board weighs in at just 3.5kg, and measuring 22" in length, the Arc Board is light and compact enough to be the perfect last mile vehicle.

Compact. Light. Fast.
Compact. Light. Fast.

Providing up to 18km per charge, and clocking in a top speed of 25km/h, the Arc Board has enough range to take you from home to the nearest train station and back, and still be powerful enough to take you up 15% inclines, and be a thrill of a ride.

Specifications at a Glance

Statistics at a Glance
Statistics at a Glance

Range: 18km (11.3 miles) 

Top Speed: 25km/h (15.6 mph) Weight: 3.5kg (7.7lbs) 

Incline: Up to 15% Grade  

Dimensions: 55.9cm x19.6cm x 9.9cm (22.0" x 7.7" x 3.9")  

Battery: 6300mAh LiFePo4 Battery Pack with Battery Management System (BMS)  

Power System: Belt drive, 1200W Brushless Motor with Regenerative Braking  

Fast Charging: 0-80% in 40 minutes, 100% in 70 minutes

Battery Life: 1000 Cycles 

Control: Wireless Handheld Remote with 2.4GHz Bluetooth Connectivity

Wheels: 70mm with ABEC 9 Bearings (White)



Electric Skateboard Size Comparison

Compact in Size, Still Comfortable to Ride

The Arc Board is based on a 22" skateboard format, which we have tested to be an ideal balance between portability and riding comfort. 

Effortless Carving.Get that Snowboarding Feeling.
Effortless Carving.Get that Snowboarding Feeling.


The Arc Board's compact size also gives a higher level of nimbleness to the board, and the kick tail allows for pivoting in quick turns. It also allows the Arc Board to be easily carried and brought onto public transports.

GIF: Public Transport's Perfect Complement.
GIF: Public Transport's Perfect Complement.

High Capacity, Fast Charging Battery Pack

Battery Indication on 6200mAh Pack
Battery Indication on 6200mAh Pack

The Arc Board holds a 6200mAh battery pack which gives the average user (85kg, 185lbs) a range of about 18km in real-world testing rides, and charging is controlled by a Battery Management System to prevent over-charging and eliminate the risk of battery failure.

Battery indication is available to check on remaining range, and a full charge from empty takes 70 minutes (80% in 40 minutes).

Powerful 1200W Brushless DC Motor

1200W Motor - Go Far, Go Fast
1200W Motor - Go Far, Go Fast

Every Arc Board is kitted with powerful 1200W Brushless DC motor, which drives the rear wheel through a rugged, heavy duty belt system for a powerful, efficient drive system.

Wireless Controller

Wireless Remote 3D Printed Prototype
Wireless Remote 3D Printed Prototype

The Arc Board's Wireless Remote Controller is designed to fit the hand comfortably when in use, and yet still be uniform in shape to fit pockets without being too much of an obstruction.

Connectivity is a hard-coded 2.4GHz Bluetooth signal, as through our testing it was proven to be the most reliable (no signal cut off) and responsive connection to the Arc Board.

Control of the remote is through a single scroll wheel, pushing forwards to bring drive the Arc Board forwards, and backwards to brake/go in reverse.

Development Process

Arc Board Development Timeline
Arc Board Development Timeline

Almost two years ago, we came together to look for a solution to the Last Mile problem in Singapore. The weather was often hot and humid, and we searched for a solution to long walks which was still versatile enough to fit in a bag or under the arm when not in use.

Countless Iterations, Working Prototypes
Countless Iterations, Working Prototypes

Using 3D modelling software and 3D printing technology, we went through countless iterations over 6 general design changes and refinements to both hardware and software, and in April 2016 we launched our Pre-Production Boards for local sale.

Sold Out Pre-Production Arc Boards

Arc Boarders in Action
Arc Boarders in Action

We sold out our two batches of Pre-Production Arc Boards (25 boards) within a month, and through the process we met many awesome local Arc Boarders. Most were forthcoming with feedback, and over 3 months we went back and forth with our Pre-Production customers refining the design of the Arc Board.

Through this process the Arc Board has become a much better product than we could have ever achieved on our own, and Instagram posts of Arc Boarders in action started appearing as well.

Arc Boarders Instagram Posts
Arc Boarders Instagram Posts

With the support of our local community, we now are ready to share the Arc Board with the rest of the world.

Why is the Arc Board on Kickstarter?

We have received many requests from the international community to make the Arc Board available outside of Singapore, and we need your help to overcome a few challenges remaining to make that possible:

Certification - First, we need to acquire the necessary certifications required for shipment into countries such as the US and the EU. Part of the funds raised will go into completing the process of certification so we can start shipping Arc Boards overseas.

Cost - Second, we will need your help to establish a network of distributors and suppliers so we can keep costs to a minimum. By securing an initial quantity of Arc Boards for international shipping we would be able to manage our costs and provide the best product at an affordable price for you.

Why Back Us on Kickstarter?

As part of the Kickstarter program, we are offering the first batch of final production Arc Boards to you at a special price, and each board will also be customized with a "Backed on Kickstarter" logo to recognize your contribution in helping bring this dream to life. 

Small Scale Production
Small Scale Production

We are fully confident of delivering on our promises, as we are already experienced in the production processes, and have a small-scale production running for local Arc Boarders. We need your help to scale this production up so we are able to reduce costs and offer the Arc Board at a more affordable price.

Your contributions will be critical to the success of Arc Boards internationally, and we will look forward to delivering the boards to you!

Designed and Assembled in Singapore

Proudly Made in Singapore.
Proudly Made in Singapore.

Every Arc Board has been lovingly hand built by the Arc Boards Team in Singapore, and will continue to do so to maintain top-level quality.

Kickstarter Final Production Arc Boards

While the current Arc Board prototypes and pre-production pieces are 3D-printed, we have already begun the process of tooling and injection moulding for the final production Arc Boards for our pre-orders and Kickstarter backers.

This means that your Kickstarter Arc Boards will have a significantly improved level of quality, and a finished look and feel. Part integrity will also be at a different level compared to our 3D-printed Arc Boards.


 Project Timeline

The Arc Boards Team

Ho Hung Yi, Toh Wei De, Tan Yong Sheng (Photo credits: Calvin Ho)
Ho Hung Yi, Toh Wei De, Tan Yong Sheng (Photo credits: Calvin Ho)

Hung Yi (Designer) graduated from the National University Of Singapore (NUS) Industrial Design Program, having worked his thesis project around the Last Mile Solution. While still working full-time as an account manager, the Arc Board project started as a continuation of his thesis work, but has since moved in a much better direction than was originally planned. 

Wei De (Mechanical Engineer) graduated from the National University Of Singapore (NUS) in Mechanical Engineering with a strong passion for innovation and creating new products. Working as mechanical engineer in a well-known 3D printer company, Wei De has been leading the architectural designs and printer mechanisms since the company's 1st 3D printer model; which has since become the market leader in the 3D printing industry now.

Yong Sheng (Hustler) graduated from Loughborough University (UK) with a degree in Sports Science with Management. In addition to the Arc Boards Team, Yong Sheng has successfully started and operated a gym franchise amongst other startups, providing fresh perspectives on running an effective business, and helps to keep the Arc Boards Team on level ground and moving forward constantly.

Arc Boards Online

The Arc Board Featured On

Online Media






We Want to Give Special Thanks to

Our beloved partners/spouses Jaime, Wing Yee and Justina for believing in the work that we do, and putting up with three grown-ass men always hanging out at nights and over weekends working till late trying to bring the Arc Board to life.

Patrick Poh for the super awesome last minute video you see at the top of the page. We are eternally grateful for the immense help you have given us.


Charlton Kwan and Henry Hein at REI Promax for the prototyping and production assistance, as well as the invaluable advice and motivation to get things done.

Pre-Production/Pre-Order Arc Boarders for believing in us and for your feedback and encouragement. Without you guys the Arc Board would still be just that little idea in our heads instead of our hands:

Michael Matz, Herman Wu, Andrew Khong, Malcolm Ngiam, T.X. Woon, Paul Lau, Calvin Ho, Kenneth Wong, Keith Lim, Thomas K, Kace Chang, Joel Chiew, Joel Seet, Bjorn Chen, Christopher Cai, Clarke Lim, Darren Lim, Desmond Tong, James William, Jeff Ng, Chen Zhiwei, Ryan Tan, Preston Matsuwaki, Wong Yu Han, Woon Taiwoon, Lim Zi Yuan, Timothy Loke, Heng Zhi Liang, Kevin Wang, Ooi Wei Kang, Simon Chee, Sheryl Lee, Steven Goh, JarJa, See Yishu, Marc Tan, Lim Wen Ying, Kelvin Lee, Lim Wee Tee, Derek Tham,Tan Zhong Wen

Everybody who have gotten in touch with us to try the Arc Board, and for your help to spread the word and give us the excitement and motivation to continue meeting new people everyday!

To our Family and Friends for constantly asking "How's that skateboard thing coming along?", and for your support and encouragement everyday!

Shipping Costs and Custom Duties  

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Every pledge for the Arc Board outside of Singapore will include an indicative cost for shipping. When we finalize shipping costs after the Kickstarter campaign ends, we will have an update on the actual costs with you.  

PLEASE NOTE: Some countries may have additional duties, taxes or other charges applied through customs. We will not be able to cover for these costs and would advise that you contact your local customs office if you are unsure of what these costs may be.

Kickstarter Backers 1 Year Warranty

1 YEAR KICKSTARTER INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY: We are absolutely committed to the quality of the Arc Board, and we will be offering a 1 year warranty for all Kickstarter Arc Boards (Regular Arc Boards get 6 months warranty) against defects in workmanship, material, batteries and drive system. 

IMPORTANT: While we try to support all services and repairs to the Arc Boards, damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence or accident will result in the disqualification of the warranty. We love each and every Arc Board that rolls off our production line, and we hope you will love them too.


Risks and challenges

Certification is a notoriously challenging task to get done for hardware products. While we have buffered for three months to complete FCC and CE certifications, we are heavily dependent on local certification bodies to approve these documents.

Sometimes modifications to the Arc Board design may be necessary to pass certifications, and these would add time to the shipping process. While we have buffered what we believe is sufficient time to complete, we will communicate delays if we see them in the horizon.

That said, we have so far been able to forecast our past timelines and meet them to a high degree of accuracy, so we are confident that we would not be far off on our timelines for Kickstarter.

Hung Yi, Wei De, Yong Sheng
The Arc Boards Team

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  • thearcboardsteam

    Hey there! Thanks for asking! We tried to reply earlier but we just found out it didn't go through, apologies for the delay!

    On your question, we don't recommend to ride the Arc Board in wet conditions because high speed + slippery road is not exactly th

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  • Simonlea

    Done by a local team

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  • input_output


    Board Specifications:

    Range: 18km (11.3 miles)
    Top Speed: 25km/h (16 mph)
    Weight: 3.9kg (8.6lbs)
    Incline: Up to 15% grade
    Dimensions: 55.9cm x 19.6cm x 9.9cm (22.0" x 7.7" x 3.9")
    Battery: 4200mAh LiFePo4 Battery Pack
    Power System: Belt drive, 1200W brushless motor with regenerative braking
    Fast Charging: 0-80% in 40 minutes, 100% in 70 minutes

    Limited Quantity Pre-Order Boards
    We have made significant changes to the final production Arc Boards, with key improvements like:

    1. Final Production Quality no more 3D-printed parts, we have started designing for tooling and mass-production for a smoother surface quality and more durable materials.
    2. Improved Motor Control Programming for better starts from standstill, smoother acceleration and controlled braking.
    3. More Powerful Battery + Motor Combination increasing power output from 900W to 1200W for attacking that 15% incline.
    4. Redesigned Mounts + Battery Casement to reduce rattling during cruising and unintentional powering up of board.

    Each Arc Board will ship with an All-in-One Skate Tool for tightening those bolts and adjusting truck hardness.

    Both Singapore and International orders will ship in May 2017.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

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  • thearcboardsteam

    Happy to accommodate :) looking forward to 25!

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  • yanhan

    Bloody awesome to have the Arc Boards Team drop by :) Welcome!

    Let's support our local lads and lasses!

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  • sewrelaxed

    That's cool. My question is, what if it rains, will the thing still work? Can it roll through puddles of water? Is it shock proof? What are the safety measures put in place to prevent battery explosion or overheating? The video is not very detailed o

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  • thearcboardsteam

    Thanks Yanhan! #supportlocal but only do so if you believe in our product!

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