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Note: Grouphunt deal features ONE AquaGenie bottle in your choice of color, ONE AquaGenie custom wireless charging base, ONE USB Cord and ONE USB Wall Adaptor (US Compatibility only) 

Ensure you're drinking enough water to meet your health, wellness, fitness, and weight loss goals with the world’s most convenient and accurate smart water bottle! AquaGenie’s ingenious design tracks your water consumption, reports it wirelessly to its app or to your Fitbit or Apple Health dashboard, wirelessly recharges, and is durable, washable and easy to use. AquaGenie sets your water consumption goals and lights up to remind you to meet them, even adjusting your goals if your activity or the weather suggests you should drink more.
















No need to check your phone. Just give AquaGenie a shake and the glowing ring shows red-yellow-green to tell you if you’re on track.



AquaGenie is your daily companion that keeps you on track and fully hydrated, helping you achieve all your health, wellness, fitness and weight loss goals! Attractive, durable, easy to wash and easy to use, your AquaGenie tracks your consumption, reports it to most fitness apps, and goes with you everywhere.

The AquaGenie bottle knows your daily water goal and how much you've had to drink. To keep you on track, when it sees you're behind, a glowing ring at the base of the bottle lights up to remind you to take a sip. It's that simple!


Our integrated sensor technology is accurate, reliable and measures at any angle, any time. Take a look at the integrated sensor in action!

To recharge, just place it on its included wireless charging pad for an hour and you’re good to go for a week! No wires, no batteries to change, no need to set it still to take a measurement.

AquaGenie goes with you everywhere and easily replaces your old water bottle!





The free iOS and Android application make keeping track of your daily water intake easy. The application is the hub for all of the information that helps you better understand your body and hydration levels.


The application is interactive and easily lets you see your history from the past days, weeks or months. This information helps you better understand the effects water has on your body, mood, weight and energy. We will also help you meet all your goals by suggesting updated water goals when you are more active or conditions have changed. You can even check your progress without the app. Just give AquaGenie a shake and the glowing ring shows red-yellow-green to tell you if you’re on track. 



There are an abundance of fitness and weight loss apps and trackers out there that help you keep tabs on your activity, calories, health and more - we’ve downloaded more than a billion of these apps. Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung S Health, and MyFitnessPal all help us stay fit and on track.

That’s why we wanted to make sure AquaGenie is compatible with the most popular wearables and apps on the market. All you have to do is connect your AquaGenie to your fitness tracking or weight loss app, and our patent-pending technology does the work for you. Never worry about remembering to manually input your data every day again. 






AquaGenie is the first TRULY wireless and wire free smart water bottle. Other Bluetooth water bottles require you to recharge using an open USB port on the bottle, or use watch batteries that require you to periodically disassemble the bottle, remove and replace with new ones. With AquaGenie, you never need to worry about cords or batteries. Just set AquaGenie on the included wireless charging pad, and in 60 minutes, you’re good for the week!


Glowing white ring reminds you to drink without buzzing your phone.


When the battery is low, drop it on the wireless charger and the blue glowing ring confirms that it's charging.


Since AquaGenie does not have any charging ports, wires or moving parts, going on adventures and washing your AquaGenie is extremely easy.


AquaGenie is fully immersible and washable in hot water to allow thorough cleaning with soap without taking any pieces off (unlike first generation smart water bottles.) This will keep your bottle clean and germ-free!


Make sure children and elderly loved ones are staying hydrated! As we get older, our sense of thirst decreases, making the elderly more susceptible to dehydration. And we all know children don't pay attention! With AquaGenie, you can easily keep tabs on their hydration stats and goals through the AquaGenie app and they get reminders through the day to take a sip!









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